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Discussion in 'W30 Recruitment & Applying to tribes.' started by Kanipuppeli, Apr 10, 2012.

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  1. H.U.L.K

    H.U.L.K Guest

    Smurks and SFC are more capable than 40% of the members in Phoenx.
  2. Kanipuppeli

    Kanipuppeli Still Going Strong

    Jun 24, 2010
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    Really? You took something that SFC said in a joking way as serious? Paj youll do anything to state that your the best, wont you?
  3. Pajuno

    Pajuno Contributing Poster

    Jul 21, 2007
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    sure smurks, say what you want.

    Ive been on this pnp stating the same story for four years + now, and bigger, better tribes/players than you have tried to stop me. Im still here, and they arent...

    Calarasi.. who the hell wants a buffoon that doesnt understand the church strategies at all?? :icon_razz:

    But seriously, you were never good enough to fit into phoenx either.. the fact is, we rely on reliability, teamwork, and self sacrifice to get where we are.. you possess none of that, didnt even possess a directional goal worth achieving...

    Ps. you were never going to be allowed to join phoenx, anyways. :lol:

    again, artic.. you would never make the cut. You proclaim yourself against TWC< only to grovel and beg and borrow at their feet before they fell.. now you are paying homage to the weak, mass recruiting family of w30.

    I dont understand how everyone likes to be in the majority.. isnt there any players left that prefer to fight from the underdog mentality???

    This is a war game, this is all about combat, be it in pnp or not.. If you dont have the heart to admit what i have accomplished yet on this world, then you dont have the heart to understand basic American mentality.. we all love the underdog, even one so cocky as me.. figure that you would rather talk up your enemy some, so that their fall would seem that much better in pnp...

    but continue to bash and say how unsuccessful Pajuno and Phoenx are... while you have changed your tribe many times over, pathetic as you are... If you had the courage to stand by your words way back when, i would have some respect for you. Whereas, the way you lick bh buns..... You dont even deserve to be responded too.......

    ps. smurks, stop multi accounting in the pnp... you have been trying to use several forum accounts pretty much the entire time i have been reading you....
  4. H.U.L.K

    H.U.L.K Guest

    Wrong again Pajuno. I'm not Smurks...

    Your information is incorret.

    And you say all these people would never get into Phoenx?

    So you are saying L-train and Dinglenuts have more skill than them?

    Or are you finally going to admit that you only recruited them for the sake of mass recruiting and not because of their skill?
  5. amr1984

    amr1984 Guest

    And how do u know i dont understand it?
    Do you see how i clustered both accounts i ever used in w30?
    Your talking bs.
    How do you know if im good or bad as we didnt interacted much?
    Again ur the buffon.
    I really wanna know what self sacrific you made for Phoenx or any account under heavy atack?
    Everyone knows you where using others to do the job and u talk talk and failed to show urself when was hard lol...
    The goal i had on that account back than was achieved and i left bored.
    The goal now is to have some funn and ignore ur silly verbal parades on forum.
    There is nothing whorst than a bad mouth like urs.
    As much as i respect some of ur players i dispise you for ur forum presence.

    Anyway you where fishing the rong watters asking me if wanna be ur toy.
    It seems you have a double personality, forget things and re invent the reallity.
    It wasnt me complaing when i took some bonus villages closer to your dead accounts.
    If anyone in Phoenx is telling you how great duke you are...well they secretly made bets how far they will go with the Paj so they are testing their ability to suport you every day.
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  6. articbear

    articbear Guest

    And again with this twc. I never fought them and would never beg or grovel to anyone. As for paying homage, I would only thank those that support me in battle and when your troops die I would pay homage to the dead troops....for it would have been their sacrifice. As far as the time I had applied to told me straight out I was too far away to bother with, your loss, not mine. You wound up with some guy who's nuts dingle and a train that can't go in a straight line....kinda like your thinking patter...all over the place.
    As far as mass recruiting....give it up, its an old argument, every tribe recruits their spoils of war and I was a BH spoil of war...not yours, I'd rather delete than be in Pnx.
  7. smurks

    smurks Guest

    what makes you think this is me? its not bucko so quit with your false accusations, or are you going to send one of your lackeys to get in multiple accounts in the world and get them all punished as well?:icon_neutral: im not leaving this world you know.. all you managed to do was piss me the hell off.:icon_evil:
  8. killabeast

    killabeast Guest

    ok this a spam and against the rules to continue this. closing this
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