BH vs Phoenx

Discussion in 'World 30' started by rethae, Mar 16, 2012.

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  1. noobaxes

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    It's about the cloak and dagger. Get your guys nobling some HG inactives, recruit some HG and then it's go time... in your own words. I don't feel like going into it again as we have made that quite clear. You will never admit it and keep bitching about how life is unfair to you anyway.

    You wanted to take on us and you got it now, so why are you complaining?
  2. t33chr

    t33chr Guest

    If you get your line spacing more consistent then you may have a decent forgery ;)

    P.s. Shouldn't you be spending more time recruiting with those full warehouses and empty farms...

    Tsk tsk
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  3. SOLDIER 1st Class

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    May 21, 2009
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    You have bigger things to worry about than what I should and shouldn't be doing.

    But since we are on the subject, shouldn't you be spending more time sitting L-train?

    Tsk Tsk

    I'm almost getting tired of nobling his villages via Bon's sit.

    EDIT: Almost.
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  4. Pajuno

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    Jul 21, 2007
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    Of course you dont want to get into it. You know you are wrong, its all visible in my personality traits. I would never agree to let BJ into my tribe, thus dark and echao wouldnt ever join. After that first and only real conversation, there was nothing to discuss with HG.

    Those skype logs you think are true, are completely doctored. I never promised anyone anything, and you and i both know it. Echao and dark lied out their asses to both sides trying to cut the best deal. :lol:

    Im not complaining about the war in the least, noob. Im correcting your continuance to utter pure lies. Why dont you go back ingame, and just stop telling lies?? You are the person that flip flopped every which way at least once in this world....

    Why not just admit that you, brt, and wild took every opportunity you could to instigate Phoenx/BH war??? Why is that so hard to just come clean?? You even went out of your way to sit HG accounts to further prove your point... meanwhile our losses only prove that Phoenx did not break our word on the alliance. We never prepared, nor turned against BH at any point until the first nukes came flying...

    And just for the record, i believe both sides said they wouldnt be the ones to throw the nukes first.... Yet i kept my word, and you didnt. thats why you dont want to discuss any of that... i can easily pull out all the skype chats i had with Echao and dark, and show all the lies they told me about rethae pursuing them.... All dated much much earlier than those doctored skype logs she produced in the dec. But hey, you dont want to talk about it cause your righteous and im not?? is that all it boils down too???

    What righteousness can a benedict arnold ever expect to possess???

    Pajuno Out.
  5. art-1

    art-1 Guest

    PnP is looking normal again... insults, accusations and mudslinging... damn I miss this game...
  6. ravenj

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    Sorry, SFC.. You can't get me to believe that message.

    1) I never saw it, in all the time I was reading Paj's mail

    2) His grammar is simply not that good. Too many capital letters.

    3) Signing "Pajuno... Duke of Phoenix" ... are you kidding me? Paj's ego would never allow him to sign "Duke of Phoenix" ... he expect everyone to know who he is, long before dealing with him.

    Your Photoshop skills may be strong, but your forgery is lacking.
  7. slates9

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    Apr 24, 2009
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    I love this line! Best quote I think I've ever read
  8. noobaxes

    noobaxes Guest

    So much complaining bla bla. You wanted to take on us and you know it. In fact, you said it yourself in this very forum, are you going to say those post were doctored as well?

    We chose the ground for the fight instead of letting you do it. For all that is concerned, I have never used anything doctored to prove a point, ever. Since this is PnP and not a place for truth anyway, people will be free to judge on their own as everything can be doctored anyway. My word against your word, so be it.

    For months, you kept threatening us. For months, you kept insulting us. For months, you had shady deals with other tribes.

    The evidence against you were kept adding up and that is not how alliances work, even in Phx fantasy land. Your tribemates may say that "it was only words". For us, words do count.

    You had a pretty good plan to win this world, was truly smart, but we decided to screw it. :icon_wink:
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  9. art-1

    art-1 Guest

    coogar never spoke english that well either
  10. t33chr

    t33chr Guest

    Doesn't seem to need my help...

    Last 7 days
    L-Train 14,892,031 +117,634

    coogar 15,139,481 -190,742
    BONHEUR 10,080,731 -55,496
  11. Pajuno

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    Jul 21, 2007
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    Ahh.. here is the golden goose. You say for months you have been compiling my insults..

    Thats funny, someone check the date since w54. Bigbrt, a member of BH leadership and one of the best players left in w30 has been badmouthing Pajuno and phoenx the entire time. We were expected to ignore all the skype logs that were forwarded to me???

    This entire post makes you out to be a complete hypocrite. I happen to also have several mails from various members of BH, all dated well before my first initial outburst vs BH... stating they want a piece of phoenx.

    So what you are saying is its my bad for not taking all those words i compiled from BH, and using them in a declaration to beat you out??? Cause thats precisely what you are saying you did to me...

    Again, as for the complaining, i am not complaining about the war. You forget that Phoenx was based on war, not based upon hugging every tribe out there... which seems to be BH';s standard policy. "we will listen to anyones offers".... I live this game for war, for the challenge. In case you havent noticed, Phoenx has knocked off the last two Number 1 tribes.. and BH falls simply into that category. *shrug* it was inevitable.....

    But the problem i have is BH's continual insistence that this is all MY fault. The way Rethae told every incident between her and i, you would think she is already fitted for her sainthood... All you have to do noob, is stop the bullshit of where this is all my own fault. BH wanted this war just as badly, if not MORE than i did...

    And for the record, i was three quarters retired a few months ago. Had BH not recruited Lauradoom, there would have never been any grounds for Phoenx to desire to fight BH.... But hey, again, this is all Pajuno's doing and BH is simply the bullied little girls who got tired of it... :icon_redface:

    (sure believe that if you want, also say a prayer.. Rethae has been accepted as the next Saintly Mother Theresa of w30)
  12. 50 Calibre

    50 Calibre Guest

    So you are saying that you and phoenx alone took down the tribes THE & RAM all by yourselves. Seems to me that you are now that old war vet telling his stories while drinking beer and the local DAV.

    Looking at Phoenx stats also show that the wars you have been in has led to a few players joining in phoenx, just as all tribes do. They take players in from tribes they have warred with. Funny how so many will call other tribes huggers for something that all tribes do, including your beloved phoenx.
  13. bigbrt

    bigbrt Guest

    since when did phx fight THE mmm phx jump in and we not know about it? odd i think it was bh vs THE
  14. noobaxes

    noobaxes Guest

    And BD was with RAM and Loen.... :lol:

    Good luck Paj. :icon_wink:
  15. irockurworld

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    May 11, 2008
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    That's not coogar on that account last time i looked Art.Account's change owners a lot these days.
  16. smurks

    smurks Guest

    remember irock you cant help those who wish to play and those who lose interest in the game... its all a means to a end just like war... just another mean to a end...
  17. bigbrt

    bigbrt Guest

    who started bad mouthing bh on w54 it wasnt bh badmouthing you it was you badmouthing BH and we wasnt going to put up with it whats wrong paj you made a bed and are trying to refuse to lie in something you made and tried to twist and distort to make it look like everyone else when it WAS you doing the shady deals... IT WAS you who bad mouth BH me and pat and cy talked about it alot and it was all you.. unless you guys twisted all that shit around too... come on cy and pat come on pnp and tell me what you guys think or is paj afraid you guys will say something that make him look ohh so bad?
  18. smurks

    smurks Guest

    brt lets leave the past in the past and look forward to a brighter tomorrow. you have no one to explain yourself to so whats the point... arguing your points with someone dead set on the opposite thing is a up hill battle to never be won. we all know your kills you know your skills so who else do you need to please... just yourself buddy:icon_smile: those who look to the past are sure to miss the present and jeopardize their future.. so brt let paj and all who follow his cynical lead live in the past because they will die their as well.
  19. bobbynaked

    bobbynaked Guest

    Brt and Smurks <3 Bff's forever.

    You guys are a perfect match, brt'll be the bulk and smurks'll be there- doing something.
  20. smurks

    smurks Guest

    no bobby that is where you are wrong. brt and myself arnt friends. we have talked maybe twice 3 times max. anyway its called giving someone advice and im sure i give a lot of people advice. anyway bobby with your insults shows a great deal of unknowing and well the simple way to put it is nana-a-bobo stick your head in dodo because im bigger then you:lol::icon_wink:(where it counts)