Biggest noob on w52?


im going to nomintate chandler8 :lol:
heres a few reasons, he starts an arguement, threatens to rim you... then when he sees your nukes coming he begs you to call them off.
he sends defencive nukes...
he claims to have friends in big tribes.. when no ones every heard of the guy.
he puts noble claims on villages he'll never be abile to take silverback, kissie ect.
he cant even backtime.. do i need to go on?:icon_rolleyes:


ofc you are not, you are one of the coolest Smile guys.

:icon_cool: the coolest

Interbreeding (877|381) K38 2,921 Barbarian ogarcia [Smile]
Violent Entity (901|384) K39 130 Barbarian ogarcia [Smile]
Dioxyde (882|386) K38 631 Barbarian ogarcia [Smile]
Drink orangejuice or die! (884|384) K38 464 Barbarian ogarcia [Smile]
Insitutionalized (893|389) K38 568 Barbarian ogarcia [SR]
Random Human Massacre (891|388) K38 1,825 Barbarian ogarcia [SR]
Torture Device (885|386) K38 1,086 Barbarian ogarcia [SR]
Never ending pain (887|386) K38 168 Barbarian ogarcia [SR]
Wynardtage (890|386) K38 518 Barbarian ogarcia [SR]
Wasted Life (887|373) K38 116 Barbarian ogarcia [NOTA]
Bolt Thrower (895|388) K38 570 Barbarian ogarcia [ANS]
Removed by TW Support (887|376) K38 411 Barbarian ogarcia [ANS]
Bluuurgh (891|393) K38 185 Barbarian ogarcia [ANS]
AD:KEY (894|392) K38 277 Barbarian ogarcia [ANS]
FRONTAL OhrenTERROR (882|378) K38 905 Barbarian ogarcia [ANS]
extremely brutal diarrhea (882|382) K38 132 Senzeke ogarcia [ANS]



also your sign is cool for sure.

what is this ogarcia list ? lol


well this is just a small section of the list hahah and thanks bud. :icon_biggrin:


hahaha, i knew this guy!!! he is from greece, like me ;)