Billy vs K47 Family Tribes and EX Family Members


You haven't lost a nuke soomer, doesn't mean others haven't. Your tribe has managed this on it's second attempt, the first wasn't nearly as successful.

I'm eagerly awaiting the third try, to see if you have learnt anything.

While you may eventually defeat us I'm just happy in the knowledge that you don't stand a chance again any other high ranked tribes. You can barely deal with 10 players.


It means im fully ready to take alot more villages. And so are a most of the others, you managing take down few nukes means absolutely nothing when you lose 10% of your total villages, all from the strongest members of your tribe.

phoenixqq took a village, after he lost a lot of nukes last time, so what did you gain exactly?

You boast and brag but when it comes down to it, your tribe is too weak to defend against us successfully except to stack a few villages. Even a solo player can stack 1-2 villages against attackers, i know i do.. And you haven't even done one real attack against us which included more than 1 target.

Now you start making excuses how you only have 10 members. Thats your own fault. You had 30 at the start, but you couldn't keep them. You couldn't even find allies because how stupid your nap rules were and how you didn't choose who you nobled villages off. You have only yourself to blame how you only have 10 people to fight with.
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Wow this war still isn't over yet? What are you slackers doing its been over a month.


It is over. The baggy is gone for good and the other player joint us


Enlighten us please. This was an entertaining thread and I want to know how the story ended.