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Your world needs You! The TW Blog staff is looking for a blogger for your world. Any interested candidate should be:

1. A capable writer
2. A clean record ingame and on the forum
3. Knowledgeable about your world's politics
4. Well-respected by your world peers

Please read the Blogger Code of Conduct found here for detailed information on what we are looking for and what is required of the blog staff.

Make your world a better place. Click here to apply today!


Damn i definitely cant do it my forum record looks a bit dodgy


Hmm ... I'd do it, but what qoos said :icon_redface:

P.S: What would there be to write about? How much inactives/crap we have nobled in the past month? :D
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Even if you aren't sure that you qualify, you should apply anyway. You never know. ;P

There are still several large-ish tribes left here. I'm sure something happens. There's always to option to interview players about their past in the world, and it's also interesting to see what the little players have to say. For example, why do the little tribes keep playing at such a late stage in the world? :p


I would say for most of us we'd prefer to spend our gametime mopping up and worry about getting into blogging in a fresh world.

You never know, maybe someone will put their hand up.....

richard 2610

yh good luck it is easy !! :icon_redface:

You get alot from it though.

Just getting mails from people to let you know your blog was good.

Made me very happy. That was the best part.

Yes Nick. I know I still owe you an interview baby ! :lol:

However, I'd rather someone else take up the blogging. Have another perspective. I am all blogged/tribalwarred/exammed out lol


*Yawns* Nothing to blog about..
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Unless Hawks and TW decide to fight with each other, there won't be anything to blog about. :p Only about 15 active players left here in LOVE. And there's no telling how long until they go inactive either..
Yes there is ... once they start getting heavy attacks from us they'll go 'inactive' :icon_wink: