BNL vs HOPLOS continued


yea ive been wondering the same as well so I cant tell you, but if some can answer what he said that would be nice


Most people will tell you, like me, on here my forum posting name will not show me as a member, but I am "The Punisher83"

Spamcat is Mattius because of how much he freakin spams and his love for humping kittens...actually his nickname comes from the cat connection i believe.

If they dont show up, you'll just have to ask that person who they're in game, some of them may have retired or quit, and just show up here to keep in contact and stuff.


or the occasional person might log in to conceal their identity. But not many (if any lol). but this is offtopic. any news in the "war" anyone?


iam in the "war" and it defiently feels like it isnt much of a war. And not due to any inactivity...I think you guys have a better understanding and grasp on the whole idea moreso than myself because I am just getting caught up on thie forum. All I can say from what I have read is. "SOLD OUT"


Ok, back on topic, netflame usually does this but im gunna steal his thunder :D

Side 1: BNL-ET BNL

Side 2: HOPLOS

Timeframe: Last month

Total conquers:

Side 1: 1,956
Side 2: 987
Difference: 969

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 242
Side 2: 88
Difference: 154

Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 11,337,581
Side 2: 5,654,557
Difference: 5,683,024

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 2,108,714
Side 2: 698,266
Difference: 1,410,448



Every time i see one of these there is an argument that follows about its authenticity.
What do you hope to shwo from this?


time to act

I think seeing those stats it's about time HOPLOS woke up and act upon BNL as they are very cpable in waging war

let's see how these stats can be changed!!!!:icon_twisted:


what im showing is the statistical display of the Hoplos vs BNL war and its progress

spam cat

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Why not draw us a map and show us what is happening where. Really nothing i can interperete from these pasted stats.


i could explain the truth to what is happening but iam sure neither side would like that at all


nah they don't want us to see that because it will show only isolated players getting nobled, nothing more then that.


usually someone sasys that is bnl and bnl et nobling inactives and and spamcat says they are usless and arghos just hangs his heads saying it is usuless because he could try and explain and certain people are never going to believe them....
I was straying from this by what i mentioned and said I could explain but again it would make two many people upset on both side and have nothing to do with people who stopped playing or was not that active....

however a comment on that....
If you are too small it is your fault that you get nobled up by bigger targets.......
if you are to inactive it is your fault that you get eaten up by the more active guy......
Iam in the military and one of the most important things is looking like a "hard target"
then another is actually being a "hard target" but it defeintly is in that order....


Im not good with the map stuff, I dont know how to show like BNL-Blue, Hoplos-Red, then the villages that hoplos took are orange and the villages that BNL took are green. you know, that would be a good map but I dunno how to do that


just testing something bare with me


HOPLOS is the odd man out.

Both BNL and TSE have moved swiftly , not tied down by politics and dimplomacies, they are able to attack and take on the offensive.

HOPLOS is being led by HOPLON council and currently HOPLON and SCIRON are merging.

The merge came at a bad time for HOPLOS and they are being left out to hang as the merge has taken priority over saving HOPLOS.