Bobby Turnip - Late May/early June, probably W64


Guest said:
During May, June and July, the northern hemisphere is exposed to more direct sunlight because the hemisphere faces the sun. The same is true of the southern hemisphere in November, December and January
So there is already Summer 2012 somewhere outta there Rob :icon_biggrin:
What kind of Premade is this ... S or N Hemisphere ;p

bobby turnip

So there is already Summer 2012 somewhere outta there Rob :icon_biggrin:
What kind of Premade is this ... S or N Hemisphere ;p
I am making a premade for summer 2012! (yes this is probably a big mistake :p). Unless you live in the southern hemisphere. Then your just weird cause its your winter

A little information about me and this premade

My name is Rob, i am currently 17 and most importantly, i am an outright tw addict. I have the habit of spamming everyone to death on skype, and also usually annoying the hell out of everyone. I have a little leadership experience, such as w32 [H] and DE-FI and w50 HUG.

As for the premade, it will be only ran by me through the summer. I can only commit to tw in the summer holidays because i let tw screw up my first year of college to the point of me having to retake it. I do not intend to let that happen again, so simply put, I will be in charge of the tribe from day 1, but as soon as College starts i will be upping and leaving. If the tribe is successful, I will leave a tribe vote to see who should take over in leadership, and leave the tribe to them.

My goal is to have as much fun as possible with friends, and set the tribe on the way to being successful before i leave.

When will it start?

As it currently stands, it looks like my exams are mostly in may, and after this, my AS courses finish. So, looking for any world that will be opening in late may/early june.

This is not inclusive to the .net servers. i will also launch my premade onto a US world if that world has better settings. I may also consider joining some other national server if it comes down to it, but, if i want my premade to last, i cant really put it onto some other national server, unless by some miraculous coincidence, the majority of my members can speak the language.

However, the UK server is out of the question as farming scripts are not allowed (which is freaking annoying cause im from the uk and its all argh)

Why am i making this premade, especially if i will not stick around?

I joined world 57 with a few of my friends, where things just didnt go to plan at all. Mainly due to the fact that we didnt get the member count we were searching for. I want to have a good world with as many friends as possible, even if it is only for a short space of time

How will the tribe be ran?

I want to give players as much of a say as possible in everything imaginable tribe related. The majority will say who is in power, who we war (if we war), what the tribes name will be, what should go on the profile, who we recruit, etc. However, this has 2 exceptions;

A tribe minimum D, and participation in Op.'s. Too many times have i been in tribes where players have refused to participate in Op.'s because it will slow their personal growth, and also where the most support we could muster to support a tribesmate in need was a few hundred spears and swords because everyone only had the spears they used to farm with at the start.

The minimum D will be 1/10th of your O count with a cap once you reach 800 defensive units. This means if you have 1000 axes, 500 lc, and 10 rams (which adds up 3050 farm space) you need at least 305 farmspace of defensive troops. However, if you have 5000 axes, 2500 lc, 200 rams and 100 cats (which adds up to 16800 farmspace) you will only need 800 pop of D units. I appreciate this is not to everyones taste, because people can snipe by recalling etc, but it is not possible to stop catting attacks alone from multiple players without suffering significant losses, especially if they have D coming in from tribesmates to prevent backtimes.

Further to this, participation in local operations is compulsory without a good excuse. This does not include 'but it will stunt my growth'

- If you are not willing to conform to a minimum tribe D from the start, then do not apply.
- If you are not willing to potentially stunt your growth by participating in local operations with tribesmates, then do not apply.

The tribe will largely be skype based. Skype is fun, and also builds a tribe community feel rather than a cold forum style.

Further to this, we will be taking in a few newer players who want to learn.


- Must be willing to participate in ops
- Must conform to the tribe minimum D
- Must have Skype
- Good sense of humour.
- There are some people who are just downright offensive in things they say - ie, benhoulker. if for w/e reason he (or anyone else) says something that really gets to you, dont freak. Just accept it for what it is, and if it really bugs you that much, come to me.
- Just as there are some people who will say offensive things, there are people who will not stop bragging. This would normally be me, but seeing as im not going to be playing an account, i dont see this as really applicable.
- No jumped up idiots. In other words, no one like sir cornish.
- Not exactly a requirement, but if you are willing to give the time to write guides/teach new players things you get an instant thumbs up from me. Ie, i will be bugging hazad to join this tribe constantly until he agrees to it --- WHICH HE HAS!!! win.
- I do not care if you can not snipe, can not backtime, do not know what dodging is, have never used opera before etc. All that stuff can be taught. A good personality and mentality (which is what i am really looking for) can not.
- Oooo and a good sig/COA maker is always welcome

You like the sound of us?

then you can do 1 of a few things.

- PM me here. I will still be trolling the forums a little during college - like i am now
- Skype me. You can get my skype by clicking the little skype icon underneath my avatar. Or if you are too dumb to understand that, my skype is robertrobrobert1

People potentially joining

obviously, because this premade is not going to be for quite a long time, people can not commit to certainly joining, as they dont know what will be going on by then. However, the following people are may be joining, provded they still play tw by then.

[spoil]I've given up on keeping track of who still plays and who still wants in on this premade, so im just adding in players as they tell me their interested. i will remove people that have quit/vannished in the late spring. Ignore the fact some players are in red lol

Choccy (sailAnAsIsihT)
davidemah (need to remind closer to the time)
Hellisfun (chris)
Hiddeous zippleback
Internal Server Error
Matt (cclutch)
matt (kudder)
Simon (lord gorwad)
The Jacal (mike)
The Noob Rimmer.
the SmeXy Hippo crew
tom (iloveido-)

Alex (badleaf)
Bigjay & Curroptkiller (provided i remind them closer to the time)
bloody ryderz
Colin (lolololo)
graeme (smudgey the nub)
Jeckyl N Hyde
John Hafycz
R a f f y (kudder)

special mention for *Huntress* who said she would help out with leadership once it all get set up, as she wont really be playing, just helping out with leadership stuff.[/spoil]

People who i will be incessantly nagging until they admit defeat and join:

areyoukidden - plans on quitting tw as soon as w32 ends ;( not much chance of getting him. but i will keep bugging him :p
kwolff - need to bug closer to the time
bigjay - need to bug closer to the time
silva (ground-zero) - since quit tw, he says he might come back some world to barble. lol.
petnquaranlor - doesnt want to start any new worlds. I will persuade him though >:D[/spoil]
its in the first line >.<



bobby turnip

Updated the member list. not spoke to a LOT of the guys on the old list in a long time, so i went thru my skype contacts, and got people to give fresh answers :p


I might do it. I also didn't know you were in [H] I thought you just chilled in the forum


Sounds good. I might have to give this premade a try. Been a while back since i stoped playing TW.

(But,) I go on hoilday in late may. So if i do end up playing the next world I will need a start up if it starts while i'm away.

Add me on skype: dReplica
and we can talk.


bobby turnip

i fit for the "newer players", not so new tho but i'm still a newb:p
Here's the thing. I am not impressed by your account on w50, but everyone needs to learn at some point. Seeing as

1) its people in an allied tribe ripping you apart on w50
2) i dont really have that much time right now to teach, especially someone who has little to no knowledge of scripts such as yourself.

i cant teach you now.

as i said to you over skype, i will give you a chance. I will attempt to teach you when i have some spare time, and my allies arent eating you, or if it comes down to it, when the premade starts.

Sounds good. I might have to give this premade a try. Been a while back since i stoped playing TW.

(But,) I go on hoilday in late may. So if i do end up playing the next world I will need a start up if it starts while i'm away.

Add me on skype: dReplica
and we can talk.

I will skype you :)

I hung around in the w32 forums for a while
Ah yeah now i remember. if you are interested, skype me. from what i remember you were a good enough guy there.