boh officially gone?


Hm? Did we have a tribe called BoH? Did they do anything which I might have heard about?


lol...yes they are the tribe who was dumb enough to make enemies of the Titans...and the rest is history...thanks to np and the rest of our friends!


hmmm, FYM vs. 1,2,3 and 4............ i like our odds...... lol

braakkie NL

But it makes me kind of sad.
I remember the time i was in BoS and this whole war started. Had a lot of fun with some great guys in the northern K's. And then suddenly a lot of them quit....


One person in Leadership of BoH decided after some discusion to disband the tribe without notice to the rest.

Predictions and thoughts aside. The world ends when Admin declares a winner.

I have not seen so much self stroking of eachother's egos in forums since I heard of stories of teenybopper circle jerks.

What you do in game truly has no meaning on anything except what you attach to it yourself.


That's a little harsh! Not sure we've taken in any BoH players? Might be wrong...

Sorry sir, I still thought BOH was the whole Brotherhood family thing. The East has changed names too many times for my mental capacity to keep up with.

I am wondering what this means for the end of the world now as far as timing and whatnot.
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Well Ones that stand against us even now are real respected enemies , and for those who left their tribe at face of defeat are just cowards with no honor ...