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i would like to suggest the following changes to paladins and the books they receive to further balance things when it comes to troop builds

currently Mounted archers and archers in general get very little attention item booster wise and pure neglect from paladin books
it seems rare to have items to boost their performance on a regular basis and with the complete lack of books for them makes you start questioning building them all together

offensive books:
tier 2 = a boost to all offensive cavalry units (Lc and Ma)

defensive books:
tier 1 = a boost to all defensive infantry units (sp/sw/archers)
tier 2 = a boost to all defensive cavalry units (Hc)


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Id prefer to see it done for defense

Tier 1: sp/ar
tier 2: sw/hc

I think this aligned more with current value. Also the seige buff is actually extremly broken in my opinion so better yet Id love to see hc replace fortification. You wont get that kind of value from any other tier 3 ability.


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I voted yes, but archer buff shouldnt be too strong, it can go to max 10% cause otherwise archers would be too strong

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I definitely think something should be done for MA since the boosts are so rare. Archers are still good without paddy boosts and event buffs being rare anything more would make them a bit op.

I'd say honestly almost say tier 2 offense should just be +30% or even higher to just MA because if you keep the LC boost it still is just better to build LC over MA and you constantly get Axe/LC boosters very often.

defensively i agree with some that buffing archers would be really op, archers are fine how they are imo especially with how terrible MA are. I do think an HC boost would be solid would definitely make sniping a bit OP with a pally if you just stack HC so i'd say 5/10/15, 5/10/20 or 5/15/25% boost to HC would be more than enough before HC starts to get OP. just make tier 1 sp/sw and I think putting HC tier 3 and fortification tier 2 would balance the HC out a bit.


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A better boost for mounted archers would be nice. I don't think this is it. And archers don't need a buff.

I honestly feel like this is something that shouldn't be considered until after events are reworked to actually reward archer items on archer worlds. I think that is more desperately needed and would affect the balance of this proposal in ways that are hard to predict exactly. That said, if I vote no, the suggestion will likely not be reconsidered at a later date, so it's a tough call for me.

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I think it might be better to change the defense buffs so that they boost a stat than a unit, so tier 1 deff boosts general deff, instead of only swords, and tier 2 deff boosts cavalry deff. This way you also indirectly make MA a stronger unit since there wont be a pally buff that will increase defense against archers. Also tier 3 deff needs to be lowered to ~30% in my opinion, since we got the fortification buff that gives you 70% extra (so total of 70% atm which is insane)... however if that was the case, then might be needed to lower the buffs % abit, down to ~20% tops..

Overall, there are to many buffs right now in the game, and a change in paladin books will also result in a change on these buffs, since this suggestion would make Archers really strong, they already have the strongest overall base strength and got their 25% for 48h buff. Same goes for MA, if we give Tier 2 Offensive a boost to MA, we might be lookin at a 70% boost on them, which could result in in that unit being broken instead..

Here is a list on existing deff buffs i could find right now:
Spear: 30% (Paladin) + 15% (Gold Spear/sword) + 8% (tribebuff) = 53% in total
Sword: 30% (Paladin) + 15% (Gold Spear/sword) + 15% (Gold Sword) + 8% (tribebuff) = 68% in total
Archer: 25% (Gold Archer) + 8% (tribe buff) = 33% in total (a change on Pally would prob make Archer on same lvl as Spear)
HC: 20% (Gold HC) = 20% in total
Structure: 50% (Paladin) + 20% (Gold Fortified) = 70% in total
Wall: 15% (Paladin) = 15% in total

Archer and HC lack buffs compared to Spears and Sword, but have a stronger golden buff to make up for it, and Archer and HC already have their strength in speed / recruitment rather than their deffstats (but still close to spear/sword combo with their buffs)

Zeddy Le Mange

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I like the idea but I voted no because I think this would overpower archers. MA is only useful against archers so increasing their buff is directly dependent on whatever the archer buff is.

I'd much prefer a pally improvement where the MA bonus vs. archers was increased, then I'd support this idea.