BOTG III; Round 1 - harbinger297 VS Werbenjagermanjensen

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Welcome to BOTG III; Round 1.

harbinger297 VS Werbenjagermanjensen

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Good luck to both participants!​
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I personally really like #1 as it seems like there was quite a lot of effort put into it and it's also very creative but due to the simple "awesome" factor - I had to vote for #2.

Both were very well done IMO

Undead Billy Mays

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The two styles are easily picked out as to who's who. to number 1 who will remain nameless - your vision is there - technique is not - First - flip your negative image to the opposite side to create the contrast - the transparent/background eyes took a 2nd to 3rd look and didnt impact the piece at all. Use of 3rds was okay but bring the text closer to the subject. Color usage needs to be improved - research complementary coloring!

2nd - Lazy low res entry but had boobs :D - 10-15 min tops? Still, because of basic design principles - you got my vote - wont get you past 2nd round - and you know that :D


Really like both - especially the Ichigo sig (Bleach for the win, man :icon_wink:). But it's a graphics contest - so hey-ho!

Genetic Engineer

Need to work on your focus no.2 those fractals to the right are distracting.
Oh and the actual canvas size isn't great proportional wise ... too tall.


Number 2 is a little bit messy imo, but you sharpened it nicely, I think some well placed text on the left would look very lovely :p Otherwise as Ge said, canvas is a bit tall (I know you really didn't want to cut her boobies out did you ;))

Good that #1 entered but it is obvious that they need to keep working on their gfx. Whoever did #1, don't let this demoralise you, follow tuts for certain and you'll improve. There's a good guide to tuts by zenron on deviant art if you google that. Teaches you flow, depth, text etc.

Knight Saber

Like previously mentioned, the light/dark sides of the background in #1 should be in contrast to the figure. I guess the candidate is new to graphics, and applaud his efforts none the less. Anime fan, but never got into Bleach.
#2 is far from shit hot, you can tell the maker has some talent, but little effort was made. The fractals seem haphazard, as the lighting focus shouldn't be at the mid of the blades IMO. The squiggly bits over the breasts just look bad.
#2 gets my vote, regardless.


Well it was fun. I just started up in Gimp. Thank you all for your constructive critisism


After a while it is possible to discern a persons style, allowing people to know who made which piece. However if people are sensible enough to remain unbiased then their vote should go to the piece that they feel is better, whether that be for technical ability, or even just for the concept and aesthetic look of the piece.

Entry 1: A concept that is often seen from those starting out in graphic design, and also a style that is heavily used and influenced from the TV shows and graphic novels of manga/anime. That said, the concept is there and it roughly follows the rule of thirds (which is a useful guide to use for those starting out in gfx). To improve it I would create a new background, probably keeping to the style of anime/manga. Maybe even going for a comic book feel.

Entry 2: Composition is ok, the lighting is good and there seems to be a decent scene there. It looks like you have applied the image and given the entire piece a sharpen, which has spoilt the depth. I would go for the smart sharpen filter, and only sharpen it enough to achieve what you want done on the focal. Don't be afraid to erase the background back though, varying the opacity of your eraser to improve the depth. Also there are a couple of blown out spots on the fractals (the pure white areas) which are detracting from the focal. Tone them back a bit by say placing a splash of colour over them (clip mask other parts of the fractals?) and it will bring the attention back to the focal. The piece is a bit monochromatic too, however it does seem to work. Maybe see what it would look like with some other colours in it though?

Overall though my vote goes to entry two. Although it does have a few issues it does feel more "complete", and to my eyes I can see a scene/story to it, which I can't yet see with entry one.


Well the poll is over. Number 2 was mine, but Werbenjagermanjensen that was really a good piece considering you are just starting up. I liked the concept behind your piece.

I don't usually go for the C4D/fractal style, so I'm not particularly good at it, but I wanted to try something other than smudging for a change. :icon_razz: