BOTG III; Round 1 - jalwis2007 VS -FreakOnALeash-

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Welcome to BOTG III; Round 1.

jalwis2007 VS -FreakOnALeash-

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Good luck to both participants!​

Knight Saber

I consider both these pieces better than the other entries I have seen so far.
I dig the colour scheme and text in the first, but feel it is too centralised.
The second is not to my personal taste, but I like the way my eye follows the motion of the subjects hand, from the left then away to the right of the image, nicely done. My only qualm is with the darkness of the bottom right corner.
My initial response would have been to vote for the first, but upon closer investigation, I find the second not only has more impact, but is a better composition overall.
Normally, that theme of sig would put me off, but the maker has done a great job, in my uneducated opinion.
Vote goes to #2.

Undead Billy Mays

Contributing Poster
I had to sit and look at these for about 10 minutes before deciding on which to choose. I think number one has its issues but the simplicity of it speaks louder than the complexity of choice 2. Number 1 is broken into 4ths rather than thirds, and a little messy above the hair with the background stamp. The color, mood and feel of the piece is wonderful though. Its simple, subtle and still flows nicely.

Number 2 is the superior signature in technique and design. Normally I would base my opinion on that but the content and background just don't do it for me. I think the style is completely over-used and mechanical rather then inspiring of feeling. Ultimately I want to feel something when i look at a piece but with number 2 I feel bored. When I look at number 1 I feel refreshed with the blues and soft greens, but almost a desperation because the girl looks like shes dead and floating in water.

This was a tough one to call


Close one. Mine was #2 in case nobody had figured it out already.

Good battle, Freak!
Yeah congrats :) I admit mine was a lot less work than yours but I still prefer mine lol. Anyway goodluck, judging by some of the other entries I think you might win, and I hope you do cause at least I will have lost to the winner :p


Close one. Mine was #2 in case nobody had figured it out already.

Good battle, Freak!
I noticed that on July 2nd itself. When you uploaded it on your deviantArt. Next time upload after the vote is over