BOTG III; Round 1 - Loading . VS jamesanddelo2

Discussion in 'Graphics' started by syntexgrid, Jul 1, 2012.

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  1. syntexgrid

    syntexgrid Guest

    Welcome to BOTG III; Round 1.

    Loading . VS jamesanddelo2

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    Good luck to both participants!​
  2. jalwis2007

    jalwis2007 Non-stop Poster

    Nov 2, 2011
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    1 - Lighting is unnatural and it's lacking in depth. The background is quite bland as well.

    2 - Lighting needs work, doesn't seem natural. Effects are everywhere and there's not much flow going on in it. Over-sharpened as well.

    Voted for 2
  3. Undead Billy Mays

    Undead Billy Mays Contributing Poster

    Jan 5, 2010
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    Was torn on these two but voted for 1 based on presentation - Could use a little improvement of course but overall 2 looked very drab to me with those colors and just didn't pop.
  4. Your still here! I thought you left for the UK forums? Kekeke.

    Anyways Why'd you vote #2 when You had more points against it? Aah I know, to kill out competition? ;D Jk...NOT


    1. Looks way more pleasing.
  5. jalwis2007

    jalwis2007 Non-stop Poster

    Nov 2, 2011
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    I'm perfectly capable of frequenting more than one forum hahah.

    This is just one of five or six that I visit periodically throughout the day.
  6. I agree with you entirely about the second one, definitely over sharpened and with a render like that it's become very messy.

    With #1 though I would say the smudging gives it some depth as it partially covers him, arguably the ball is in the wrong place though as it doesn't seem over his hands I suppose. And I think the background is rather pretty with the colours and the smudging, the smudging could have been directed to give it a little flow but it's nice imo :p

    That's why I voted 1 anyway.
  7. harbinger297

    harbinger297 Guest

    I voted for number 1 because I thought it was easier on the eye. Number 2 is quite chaotic and makes it difficult to see what is going on properly.
  8. Knight Saber

    Knight Saber Guest

    I really don't like the OTT smudging in #1, let alone the source material of one of the worst movies of recent years. Due to the (poor) composition, I find my eye drawn to the top left corner, the balance is way off.
    #2 seems too busy, but I like (some) mech style stuff, it gets my vote by process of elimination.
    Neither of these seem particularly good to me, I hope the winner can step it up for the next round.