BP is Almost Over


Dang, guys got 140 spear, but lots of resources.. I get to loose 20 troops ;(


Ok guys BP is now OVER well at least for me I can already attack n00bs in my 7x7


I just logged on now. So I'm doing the process of clearing my 7x7 and farming them =)


Awwwww is little pinky getting upset.

This is from your profile also

Reaction is the reason i play. Hate mail, fakes, mail filled to the brink with every swear word there is in English language, seeing a little cross by my pally, some uneducated slob typing in capital letters 'WTF Y U TKE MY VLLGE I DINT DO NUTTING TO U'. After all, you may say I am an attention whore

I like the fact that you use the term uneducated slob when quite clearly your not well educated yourself. If you were then you would know that Total incomings mean total attacks incoming. Not total attacks that you have had.

Perhaps you should join ####. with many of there players having only an IQ of 6 or below youd fit right in. Although im sure being around them you might feel a little stupid.
Aww is it that time of the month :'(

just because you have issues with a few members of ####. does not mean you have to run around squealing like a pre-pubescent little girl. Most people know we are not taking this world seriously, as we are waiting for a world with settings we like.

So if these w10 like settings do come out in w32/33 then you are welcome to bring your A-game and we will kindly shove it back in your knotted knickers.