BREAKING NEWS - Noobaxes announces he is quiting RAM


October 9th, 2010
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Noobaxes announces that is quiting RAM for good​

Noobaxes today announced due to recent events that he will no longer be a member of the RAM family. In recent days, a series of very unfortunate events occurred and could not be tolerated by him.

“I will never tolerate any of my own tribe members to use direct, indirect or veiled threats against me, EVER” noobaxes said.

In fact, Noobaxes received a threat mail from a ghost from the past that pretends to be duke of RAM, Cshipley. (See attachment). It was the culminating point that means there will be no turning back. In previous days, Noobaxes lost all his duke and baron privileges over some unknown information. Here’s what Noobaxes had to say about this:

“I find it a bit rich for them to pretend that I do nothing for the tribe when it comes to operations planning since nobody in council actually organizes decent operations other than counting nukes and throwing them at the enemies villages. ”

In fact, Noobaxes tried many times to have his opinions counted inside the council discussions on many topics but it was simply ignored. Among the tasks he had to do, he had to build good relations with DECIDE.

“You spend some time trying to build good relations with people and some others just ruin your work for the sake of looking big on a map.” Noobaxes said.

In reality, many members in RAM’s council agreed with him that it was a poor decision but simply won’t talk publicly since freedom of speech and disagreement with the leaders are not tolerated :

“RAM’s arrogance has grown a lot since they took the #1 spot. It’s like we were bigger and better than the rest of the universe. It became like some sectarian movement: Follow or die. The day is coming when most members will snap back to reality.”

RAM has recently mentioned that they were willing to take on the whole world by themselves. Most people rightfully laugh at RAM for thinking itself as such a great tribe:

“You know, Karmax has himself said that RAM had lower skill level than Phoenx and that they were better because they are more friendly. Well, now they are in a situation where not only are they outmatched by skills, but also by numbers. One has to think where this can actually lead a tribe.”


Noobaxes has recently recycled his TW career in palliative care counselling. His business constitute in redirecting TW members to a good place to die. He simply refer them to Drift and RAM and expect his 200$ for his good services.


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cshipley on 08.10. at 23:38
Circular Story.

Once upon a time, there was a man called Pantallica who lived a pleasant part of the world known as K66. Pantallica was a very big boy, he has lots of toys (villages) to play with and was very friendly and had lots of fun within his family and friends.

One day however, he became upset with his parents and started saying things that made Pantallica's parents feel he might leave home soon. Pantallica's parents were concerned, they helped put a lot of time and effort into helping him grow up in this world and how to acquire lots of toys. One day it became very clear that Pantallica's displays in public were bringing great embarrassment to the family name and they would need to discipline him or he will never learn.

One day when Pantallica was fast asleep, Pantallica's neighbours Cshipley, Crasula, Orclord and Fightclub snook into Pantallica's bedroom and began taking his toys away. One by one by one Pantallica lost all of his toys and then when he had no toys remaining he could play and have fun with the other boys anymore and had to leave.

Moral of the story, loyalty to your friends above all.

The End.

My loyalty isn't blind nor free and needs to be deserved.
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Now let the bidding begin!

So does Noobaxe drink Heineken, Molson product, Bud or some domestic beer?

Michael Wittman

if you call being on the losing side of a democratic vote being ignored, then you would have a point.


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Noobaxes... this tends to happen to players of your caliber, when surrounded by players of Shipley and Karma's Ilk...

If Ram were smart, they would demote shipley and karma... and give you the reins.. However, i dont believe even you can fix the boo-boo's that these two have wrought.

Good luck to you in all you do, and dont forget that Phoenx is just around the corner...

if you call being on the losing side of a democratic vote being ignored, then you would have a point.

Thats funny. Last i heard was that shipley was duke supreme, and his vote/word were final?? Is this more lies from him or what?

And your best player, most liked/respected/popular player in your tribe leaves and you have only this to say?


if you call being on the losing side of a democratic vote being ignored, then you would have a point.
I know how to torque a poll. Why don't you show how the question was asked in your "so called" democratic decision?

Sir Mike Fisher

I know nothing of the internal wranglings of RAM, but if you left because your integrity was somehow insulted/comprimised, then fair play to you and hopefully you won't pay too big a price for it before the rest of RAM start to fragment

Sir Mike Fisher

It will be interesting to see how RAM respond by whom they move from whichever tribe to make up the point shortfall of Noob, 8 million points lost puts BH/RAM neck and neck


It will be interesting to see what other RAM&DRIFt players will vote for :)
Karma or Noobaxes?


noob do you want to merge with my tribe? we can call it D~C (DON'T CARE)? how cool is that! you can be duke and il be the forum mod what do you say?


Noobaxes... this tends to happen to players of your caliber, when surrounded by

I deliberately added the dots, meaning that more players of the quality being described by Paj are (nah - were :icon_wink: ) surrounding you.

I would not say that it is only me with the feeling that only a stupid council would let go (or more likely "force out") a player the magnitude of noobaxes. Simple as that - nough said.

Amazing accomplishement Shipley and co. Amazing ... :icon_neutral: Any sweet talk to turn the clock backward? From your sweet talk arsenal? No? Good - Spare us!

As for noob's post, I feel obliged to say that this should be in the pnp manual (had there been one :icon_idea: ) as an example for alot of people to try to follow - get educated of what the public forum is all about. Simply amazing. I would put that to a top ten for sure, if not in the first 3.

robot out


Yay, i was hoping you'd go to PnP :D

We've spoken in-game... you know im on your side :)

RAM used to say that they couldn't wait to put down Phoenx because they are so arrogant and full of themselves. From the way I see it, RAM has become the very thing they hated in Phoenx :/


nice post noob, its good to see u leave such a shitty tribe. This is a big loss for RAM, at least in my view! but considering "RAM’s arrogance has grown a lot since they took the #1 spot.", I think they r too arrogant to realize what they have lost.


In all due respect there is a little arrogance in all tribes, not just ram, phoenx, bh, decide or who ever. We all can and do become discontent in council decisions and directives, but its part of the game. Its politics. You either go with the flow or move on. Losing an 8 million point player hurts somewhat but its not a total loss, its not going to break RAM apart. Everyone is so quick to judge a players skills or status by points, but those points dont mean shit. All those villages that add up to those points are useless to any tribe if they aren't utilized to their full potential. That goes for any player or any tribe. Every tribe on W30 has activity issues, its not a big secret gentlemen. We all have to deal with real life issues and either jobs or school or in some cases both. A 3 or 4 million point account thats active will do more for a tribe than any 8 million point inactive / part time / log on when you feel like it account. Everyone so eager on the PnP to make an enemy tribe look less formidable. Whether its RAM vs Phoenx or Decide vs RAM or who ever, a large majority of you are just waiting to smear mud whenever you can.

Ive played this game almost 2 years, dont consider myself a model player, a veteran or an expert. Ive seen councils make or break tribes. Arrogance is a players worst enemy. Get too cocky, too confident, too carried away, and your going to have your ass handed to you on a silver platter. RAM is holding up well despite what alot of you would like to think. Phoenx is holding their on as well as Decide. Im not going to say we can beat everyone at one time but I can say we will put up a hell of a fight. We lost a player, big deal. Phoenx has lost players as well as BH and Decide. And no one made as big of a deal about it as this has been made.

I am a little disappointed that this made it to the PnP, it shows a players true character when you leave a tribe after being disgruntled and make a public announcement like you are some kind of super star. You might not have liked a council decision, or a direction, but to get on the PnP and carry on like this shows what kind of tribe mate you were to begin with. Like I stated earlier, council decisions aren't always popular.


Dude, your right, council decisions aren't popular half the time with the ones who are in minority. It happens in every tribe, your right. That's not to say that every player who gets upset by one leaves. I've had decisions go against me, it's never made me leave.

Pheonx, BH and DECIDE have not lost players for petty reasons such as this. He left because of the leadership, not because of one single directive (The ~B~ players) If it'd been that, he wouldn've left earlier, wouldn't he?


for clarification noob was a very good tribemate and prob the most respected player in Ram and it wasn't a democratic(lol) vote that turned him sour


well, look at the circular mail part! seems like a threat from shiply! I think that would be the breaking point for any unhappy tribe member!


Slates I didnt say why the other players left BH or Phoenx or Decide, I just know some have left in the past. I dont beleive one person makes a tribe, it takes more than one person and more than the council to make up a tribe. If a council doesnt have the backing of the members in general then the council is useless. RAM has some talented players, there are people in RAM with level heads and walk a straight line. Hell, I just need to find the line... :/


Well it'll certainly be interesting to see how this all plays out. And I'd like to add to crimson's point, I think noob was not only probably the most respected players in the RAM, but also a tight contest for most respected across World 30, by those who do even come close to RAM, let alone Noob.