Bring back .net speed :D


I have cleared you 20x times .............

This one amuses me, pathetic childish comments i'm not suprised how much your "skills" reflect your laughable forum attitude, if you knew his real skill you would shut up.

Vismund Cygnus

I miss the speed rounds, even though I was always fairly terrible at them...
I don't see how it could have been a lack of players, as the least I ever saw was about 750, which is still plenty considering it was a 24 hour round.

Maybe they're just going to surprise us with one, hopefully in the near future!


Damn, whats that, like rank 10,000?

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Cpt Sandwich

So has there actually been a statement as to why we lost speed rounds?

It's a bit upsetting really, although i was not the best (ok not that good at all) it was always fun to see if we had a round active while i did a night shift, anyway, if there is a chance maybe just weekend rounds or something would be nice to see again


It is beyond disccussion that .net was famous in speed world.

if they bring speed back, I will turn back to the speed :)