Bug on Notes overview when a report is saved as a note


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Bug Priority
Medium Bug (gameplay slightly affected)
Bug Type
Functional bug
Bug Occurrence URL
Bug Reproduction Steps
Go to the Notes overview screen.

Open one of the notes.

Something like this will appear: https://prnt.sc/1rdqn73

Click on the spoiler to open the report and something like this will open:

View attachment 9016

The red marked area is where a scrollbar was supposed to appear since this note is very long and can't be scrolled here.

The fix is super easy:
View attachment 9017

Bug Reproducibility
Happens always
Found a functional bug on the notes overview. The bug happens when a report is saved as a village note. Probably it happens in every other case where the height of the note is very big, bigger the 500px (this is the root cause of the bug ... the fixed height).