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    If you come across a potential bug in game, we want to hear about it! Before you get in touch though, please follow the below steps :
    • Clear your cookies and cache :
    To clear cache in Firefox, choose at the top Tools > Clear Private Data
    To clear cache in Flock, follow above steps as Firefox.
    To clear cache in Google Chrome, click the Wrench at the top right and click Options. Then choose Under the Hood then Clear Browsing Data.
    To clear cache in Opera, click the red button at the top left, then Settings > Delete Private Data.
    To clear cache in Internet Explorer, go to Safety at top right and click Delete Browsing History.
    To clear cache in Safari, select Safari pull down, select ’clear cache now’ OR click the Cog at the top right and select Reset Safari.
    Once this is done, reload your browser. If this fails, please try using another browser other than the one you typically use.
    • If this does not resolve your issue, check the threads and make sure there is not a similar issue already listed. If there is, check for a resolution and add your own report to the post. Please remember to use the below information to make the report as concise as possible
    • Report the potential bug to us by answering the below information in as much detail as you can on a new post. The more information you provide, the better!
    1) What I was expecting to happen
    2) What actually happened
    3) If you do the same thing again, does the same error occur?
    4) What would we need to do to reproduce the error (please provide step by step instructions on how we can attempt to replicate the error)?
    5) Were there any error messages shown?
    6) If specific village(s)/commands were affected, please provide at least one example.
    7) Can you give us a time at when the issue occurred?
    8) Can you attach a Screen Shot describing the issue, if applicable?
    9) Make sure to come back to your report regularly to answer potential follow up questions

    You can find information on how to print screen here : https://www.take-a-screenshot.org/
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.