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I'm not sure if I'm on the right forum. But I'm looking for a good template for building and I'm interested in if someone played a bit with the numbers and made a template which is the best for bulding a village from 0. The default OFF template makes the mines 30-30-22 which is not that great and goes building for +5 and stuff. Some template which is balanced and focused on building up fastly and not on a specific stuff (lik I don't neccessary need a lvl 20 wall fast). And of course I can't modify the default templates so it makes harder to create a template from scratch.
I would gladly hear some advice to AM because I'm not that great with it but I'm sure if someone knows the nuances and can make 110% use of it then its awesome.

Thanks you in advance.



i am 100% not the expert who can help you with this, but i felt bad that no one else was answering.

our templates are always evolving, and they get tweaked on every world. we may have as many as 6 or 7 at any given time, depending on what our needs are. for example: resources? rush academy? get HC as fast as possible?

i don't think there is any one "best" way to do this, but here is link that might help:

also, just try Google:
tribal wars building template
you will get a lot of images that may be useful.

i hope this can help a bit, and welcome to TW!