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Hey, Building Time Formula is still not shared with community?

Seems like old formulas are outdated...

actual build time = [duration of creation]*1,05^(-[level of the village headquarters])
duration of creation = [build_time]*[build_time_factor]^([level of the building]-1)

duration of creation, for lvl 1 and 2 = [build_time]*1.18*[build_time_factor]^(-13)
duration of creation, for lvl 3+ = [build_time]*1.18*[build_time_factor]^(level - 1 - 14/(level-1))
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i don't have the formula but i have a spreadsheet with most values (eg no watchtower) to within a small margin of error (a couple of seconds max iirc). i imagine that anyone with math training could probably determine the new formula from that but idk. It's definitely similar since I used some of the old relationships as a starting point to fill out the sheet. let me know if releasing that would help answer your question
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