Burn's 6 P's of Success: A Case Study


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Hello W104,

Just about 48 hours ago, it dawned upon me that we all have a great opportunity to learn together. I'd like to take this time to analyze Burn and its new leadership, The Infamous (Hazard and Meti).

Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

In order to Prevent Poor Performance, you must know where you are, and where you are going. You must identify your goal, then develop a plan to reach it.

Now I can bet that some of you are asking yourselves, "What is The Infamous' goal?" Allow me to shed some light on that.

To lose W104 and waste the time and effort of all Burn players by ruining relations with Visine.

Together, Hazard and Meti crafted a foolproof plan to accomplish their goal.

First, Meti set out to ensure Visine was aware he intended to recruit from their mutual enemy, WUS(VALHAL):


Meti read Visine like a book, completely predicting their reaction:


Meanwhile, Hazard arranged the souls of his people to be sold off to the robots hailing from K45:





Meti, again predicting Visine's reaction, waited for the bait to be taken:


Mission: Accomplished


Burn's new leadership set their goals and achieved them in record time - I believe they deserve public praise for the outstanding job done showcasing that Proper Planning truly does Prevent Piss Poor Performance.




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Hahaha that's some funny shit 8.5/10 :D

I don't do lying like most people in tw. I tell you in your face what I will do.

Cheers! Here's to learning who people are in 48h and not after a few months.

Good luck to both sides

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Decent declaration. There are some great players in Visine and if they can successfully fight and win on all 3 fronts then they 100% deserve to win this world. We were going to have to fight you eventually anyway i guess! Good luck to both sides


Nice declaration. It's nice to know that Burn's two leaders have their own agendas and hide plans from each other.


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Here's my opinion

Weird Flex But Ok Mar 02, 18:54
Aye look; out of respect I'm dropping this mail to y'all to break down everything.

I understand each one of you feel like you're in a toxic relationship and the only way out is to keep moving forward. But lets be real there's other options.

So for those that don't know, I've recently received a lot of account sits from players. ODIN swore to everyone that I was hacking these accounts that's 100% not the situation. Every account that I was granted access to was an account that the sit was passed to me. I don't play like that I was offered the passwords for multiple accounts but I turned them down I don't support any of that mutli-accounting stuff.

None the less for those that don't know:
1. ODIN has agreed to a 5 way merge. With BURN, Spark, MEA, AAA, Valhalla.
2. Only one tribe can win this world; it is not an allied tribe win so only 30 players will obtain the victory.
3. This is a dominance world and rune world. So the merge to win won't even work.
4. MEA wants 20 of their own members to be in the merge. Leaving 10 spots open for spark,burn,valhalla,aaa.
5. Chances of you not making the cut are beyond low.

So look; ODIN is out here threatening players to either nuke his frontline for him so he can attempt to noble villages or they get force internalled. Odin legit took away the duke privs of everyone else in the tribe forcefully and made himself the sole leader of the tribe. He talked king g and jack into kicking us from the tribe. He then told me he had nothing to do with it and it was all his own coplayer (ragnar's doing). ODIN will lie about his own coplayer doing something instead of taking ownership of it himself. He's an untrustworthy person, you are all pawns to him at this point. If you all seen what he has said about the majority of you through the world you'd have left with the bigfella account when it left the tribe.

Y'all don't see the picture here, visine is now at war with BURN/Spark. WUS (vahalahlahal) isn't main priority. All you guys are doing are painting targets on your back.

Right now y'all should be focusing on removing the toxic player that is governing y'all... ODIN, just think about it. Removing odin will stop y'all from being a huge target, you will stop getting threatened to be force internalled.

Most of you will be able to keep your accounts and grow on the backlines/sidelines without having to worry about being hit the rest of the world. We will just need a few rune villages from K55 once burn and mea are ridden and then it'll be the end of the world. You won't be forced to fight anymore you won't be forced to be backed into a corner by your own duke odin. You can live peacefully for the rest of the world.

But you have to remove odin. The more and more y'all sit here and listen to him the more aggression it builds towards you and your own account from us. Making us want to go out of our way to RIM your accounts before the end of the world even when we don't have to. When the end game timer starts and we just can coast our ways through. But instead y'all are out here listening to ODIN someone that's going to leave you out to die in the long run to merge with burn,mea,aaa,spark.

Honestly the choice is y'all's as a tribe, y'all either man up and take odin down or you wait until he merges away to other tribes and force internals y'all anyway after using your nukes over and over and you helped so much. Its simple in my eyes.

A. Kill odin before he screws you in the long run and then just sit backline and chill for the rest of the world playing sim city building barbs etc.
B. Continue supporting, nuking and clearing for this guy that will throw you to the curb in 2-3 weeks, blame all of you for the loss, start force internalling you when he gets frustrated that he can't do anything.

What's the call?

Screenshots of the merge talks (krieger = Realdonaldtrump duke of mea)

Out of the respect I have left for y'all after everything I hope you take this statement as an honest mail and take it seriously and consider it before its to late.


Balian De Ibelin Mar 02, 19:13
Mate I read the first couple paragraph of this and I'll be honest with you , most players in Visine dislike me and therefore I can care a less how many tribes gang bang them , they are a very disrespectful group of players who always downgrade players. I would enjoy nothing more to see them get whipped and would join any coalition against them.

Weird Flex But Ok Mar 02, 19:17
I'm not saying do this to stop the gangbang. I'm fine with it; I'm just trying to get the little people to understand that they're about to be used and abused by odin.

Yes; us players in Visine are hella trolls I'll give you that.

But doesn't change the fact that ODIN is about to use these little guys that aren't the best at the game until he no longer wants them. That's not how you grow the player base his gameplay style is ruining the game for multiple people this world and its sad.

This mail was more or less directed towards the little people I understand that you already have your spot in the great big merge deal, but that's until ODIN decides that his accounts worth is more than yours and cuts you from the list to make sure he gets in.

Balian De Ibelin Mar 02, 19:27
I can care a less about a winning spot I'm here in hopes to see Visine gets a whopping

Weird Flex But Ok Mar 02, 19:29
No one said that merge spot was going to lead to a winning spot... If you can't see that the little people are getting the shaft and not care about it you're not better than anyone else.

Balian De Ibelin Mar 02, 19:46
Players in Visine won too many worlds they have no respect for the community more then anyone, IMO I think it's a good thing what Odin is trying to do is a good thing.

That thing is showing many players big and small that were not going to tolerate the same players winning all the time , especially to a trashy group like Visine.

Weird Flex But Ok Mar 02, 19:47
The sad thing is; is that if ODIN didn't get us kicked we had a strong chance of winning this world...

Balian De Ibelin Mar 02, 19:49
Then maybe you should have showed respect to the players then to treat them like trash especially TreX