Can we have a DT vs TFBS?

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Anyone up for this???

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With the recent "merge wars" from the top tribes, this world has become bit boring... To brighten up the world again may we request a DT vs TFBS war... and this time with no tribal hugging and boot licking... Is this possible?


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DT rather breaks alliances with way smaller rimtribes which helped them against their major threat tho.
And that just for a couple of villas claimed by an ignorant ****.

No .c4., you can't justify attacking a refugee as a refugee because he is a refugee.
I thought that was common knowledge?...
Oh and I'm not even talking about the fact that you wanted to take our tribe (your new ally) anyway moments after you just betrayed your own tribe TEO lol
Hypocracy at its finest.
(for real goloie, how is that guy still in your tribe? he gladly betrays his own tribe mates (quickly taking empty TEO villas right away) and ignores deals we made. The guy can't even defend/attack properly, for real I dont know if he heard the words 'dodge'/'snipe'/'stack'/'morale' before)

And TFBS apparently likes hugging whole K's now?
I mean i get it taking in people who really fought well after a war but cmon... recruiting half the world to finish up a war you were winning?
How were all those tribes even involved?

And after that you even had the guts to ALLY your biggest contendor for the win to fight what? a not even 4mil tribe which already took huge hits ...
What i'm getting out of this is that you guys made a deal with some DT players if not all DT players to reserve a spot for them for the even bigger hugs that already took place.

We're here to stay, gonna be a fun endgame war (if that stage of the game still exists that is...)

Love Pieter xxx