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Would you believe, admin are forcibly closing casual 5.
We have a tribe that is within a hair of winning, in fact, are splitting to avoid doing so. Wrong/right moral/immoral,? Who knows? But its a tactic, an evolved tactic, who knows if the splinter tribe wont attack its parent when they realise not all of them can get winners medals when/if they rejoin.
Admin, this is war, its an active game, leave it alone, dont meddle. If you dont like it, put rules in place in future worlds. Applaud them for doing something new, innovative.
Im not a HIVE fan but, theyve earnt the right to laud it.
Admin, dont interfere.


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Oh what kind of shenanigan and hooliganry stuff is going on here, hmm tribalwars staff??

Seems like TW Staff is taking an authoritarian approach and proclaiming themselves god right now...


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They just took a decision after multiple mails from the other players playing this world

And Denison in which tribe you finished the world?