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I figured I would come out and say a few words after hearing we had a mopper on isle 1 of the externals.

Let's first off, begin with how us "Non-Casual" noobs came to be here, to set the record straight to you (even though we could care less) and the audience watching our progress.

You said we are here because of solely Alli, wrong. That would be only partially true. We are here, because of several of our w80 crew being here previous to our arrival (Wiz, Cheesy, Anir, Kat, Edit: AND Henry), bonds of friendship don't die easy and we kept most of the surviving core of Regime together. The very core that is now wrecking you're hopes and dreams. Also, this one we made quite audible as we joined, chadders is one of the main reasons we are here and not somewhere else.

Here is the back story on why chadders. On w80, our tribe Regime was locked in a end game war vs Dest (Became known as Ben). As with any end game tribe, activity is an issue and we needed a key account filled (little did we know what a dumbass we found). So Andy was brought in to play the account known as "The Ultimate Bot". He did not set anyone as his sitter when he was being opped, did not dodge, sent all stacking home, and went MIA on Skype and in game. By the time we got ahold of the account it was far too late. For me, the closest significant friendly (Vahtos) to the losses, I was able to recap over 60 villages before the front was lost. I held that original postion of 165 villages in a sea of red till the end of the world at the very end. Chadders however, caused the domino which began Regimes collosal fall. So we are here for him, to teach him what we went through. I personally am going to make it very painful for him. That last carpet was only the beginning. I hear he's MIA after those nukes hit ... Hmmmm. And just for the extra bang, I was friendly with Joanne prior to this world. Upon my arrival, I was told I was a horrible person for w67 and what I did there to save a dying tribe (worse than LoK currently and did quite well). Joanne also made me being here VERY personal, which was a huge mistake. I was the first boots on the ground, the rest followed me and the others after them. Very big mistake from Joanne, now she too will see the benefits of her mouth. Of course I can provide that Skype convo as well.

Now, moving on to the world settings. Yes, Rim did initiate a talk with the support team. I was the one who handled it from our side. The original talks was over Noble reductions which were long overdue from the support team, which staff admitted. However, after talking to the CM it came down to the staff wanting not just cas1 done, but all cas world's over due to their duration and crappy playerbase. The expected dominance for cas1 neither tribe would have reached by the end of the year so it was ultimately, tw support who made the judgement to change settings based on the feelings of multiple players. Not just Rims council. You want the transcript of the ticket, you LoK noobs can quit being whusses and unblock me to get it sent in game.

Last but not least, the war. You are losing because "most" of LoK's council is incompetent and you're players have no drive other than to Noble a few villages here and there and stay green, i.e. crosseyed as a prime example. Others simply couldn't handle incomings once they got close (mind you they came to us not the other way) and deleted. Now, we are to the final nails of LoK's downfall, you're meatshields. Solapus, Lucian, war cheif, trickie, etc the list goes on.

Don't think just because you are still positive in this war that it don't mean we can't make you bleed. I assure you we can. Chadders, Lucian, solapus, and others all claimed we would never best them, now here you are doing the same. Save the bugus. When we come knocking at you're door citles you will know, and there will be nothing you can do but watch. And I can prove we can crack anyone of LoK whenever we choose. Best example of the war to date, the op on Alex k46/45 which later escalated to k44/43. Alex had 100k stacking, 200x more stacking than most of LoK. We still broke her, taking over 250 villages with each village having similar numbers for stacking. We want you dead, you will be dead, end of story. I suggest you start writing you're novel of excuses for when the time comes, for it had better be good.

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Also it's kinda funny that you think that casual 2 noob commonly known as Wiggins (who bailed from beerkiller just before the op lands making a lame hospital excuse) joined Lok because he did not like Rim.

There are plenty in Lok who have asked me if they can coplay in Rim. Not to mention the ones who are in your tribe just because they are based in Lok territory. One of your own approached me with an offer of spying in Lok and in return I give them spot in Rim when the world closes. An offer which is denied without a second thought of course.

You exaggerate that I have kicked out all the account owners of Rim and replaced with other players. Although the fact is only some accounts were replaced because the owners were busy in RL and had no time for TW. Which is quite common in this game. And the rest of us keep switching accounts and move wherever and whenever we are needed.

And just so you know, I had already asked for demon wolf account password to be changed much before he made the jump. It was just delay from our side to get hold of the owner to do the pass changing. So even if he did not want to move to lok he would have been kicked out any ways.

I truly expected you to show some maturity in this thread but all we get from you are some salty and childish accusations and excuses as to how your tribe was exploited by changing of rules and me 'HIJACKING' accounts of Rim. Hell you even thought it's me when cheesy was sitting an account and told him that you know Ali is using VPN for handling all the accounts of Rim lol.

Good luck buddy. Try out casual 5 if you want cus I won't be there :D


Ali Shah

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How close is Cas1 to ending?
Cas3 just entered day 14/14 end world stage
Cas3 is a much smaller world than cas1 and also has got much little fight compared to cas1. There is still a lot of fight left. Rim is still at 33% and needs another 18%. Unless tw support decide to close the world early.


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You also probably shouldn't talk about Duke's that aren't much use to their tribe... I love kat, but she's spent the last year moving in the wrong direction.

Why am i last in my tribe well have a look at my stats and you will see most big players eat barbs and internals i dislike that i go for the juicy enemies liking a challenge and like them actualy attacking back a proper challange that is why my ODA is bigger then alot of 40 mill players ;)

Also have a look on the map and see where my vills are situated,i wasnt nowhere near any of my enemies (check my ODD) i am mostly in k25/26/27/28/7/9/19 and after hitting NTL i have finaly moved near warchief in k37 a 40 mill member of yours who has found out i am no easy target and i am well head of him 1 vs 1 even though he is just a turtle.

So please leave me out of this do some homework before you post and as leader do you really think i would let my guys from the beginning just give up their accounts so some strangers come in,yes some friends joined and?...c'mon citles you know me better then that.

We all know the real truth,lets all be real here...
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White Flight

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Recognize three Legion activities that could fall under that umbrella. My read:

rhevski: an excellent contender, retired from the game. Activity appears to be internaling to clear the membership slot for a transitioning active player from their affiliate tribe. The move will increase Legion's dominance percentage.

Bluecool: a novice contender, inactive. Same tactic. Clear the slot and transition, with a dominance bump.

gn0me: a viable if not excellent contender. Possibly opening areas of his account to tribemate ivobg, another excellent contender, for positioning in a forthcoming preempt push.

Ali Shah

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Nah they are just doing so much internalling cus the world ends by the end of December 2018. And the rank 1 tribe regardless of dominance will be declared winner.

That's a cheap but effective tactic to win a world with such awkward condition but again they are against Rim :)

So if they think they can win the world by internalling then they should think again.


White Flight

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Nah they are just doing so much internalling cus the world ends by the end of December 2018. And the rank 1 tribe regardless of dominance will be declared winner.
• Internalling agreed, exactly.
• Legion cut Bluecool yesterday. Reeled in toby7304 today.
• Interesting, wasn't aware of the December 2018 "End of the World" default threshold. What addendum supersedes the World Dominance* ruling?

World dominance
Every world needs a victor, but which group of brave village leaders shall band together to win Casual?

In order to truely prove themselves, a tribe must control at least 51% of the player owned villages on this world. This is also known as a tribe's dominance percentage.

To prevent an early and unsatisfactory victory, the world must be at least 180 days old for a tribe to begin dominating.

The dominating tribe must maintain their dominance percentage for 7 consecutive days to declare themselves as victorious.

Once a tribe has claimed victory, the world will continue for 7 days.

Once a tribe has claimed victory, the world will continue for 7 days was previously designated for 90 days, WF.
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Ali Shah

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He is not having a lot of defense. He is like 90-95% offensive.

Thought he can survive being full offensive using his poor attacking skills.

ALL that chadders did on this world was using a nuke script and sending 800 nukes in 8-9 hrs On stacked villages to gain ODA. He is solely playing for ODA and not for his tribe.

One of the worst players I’ve come across in this game. Hence he can never last on a real world. Only casuals.


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Pritty sure I have won two normal worlds too compared to your one... Judas34 world 8 and 63 on this.

I quit cas1 to focus on cas 4.

Give me the sit to an account your attacking and i'd wipe the foor with you anyday. @White Flight