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You know something? I believe I only met 2 honest players in LoK's ranks while on this world. Sir Cornhusk when you all gave me that welcoming party in K49 (retaken all of it and some btw) where he stated his feelings and could actually hold a convo without revealing much about his tribe. Then Clitherow, for being a good sport despite getting absolutely rekt on the 15th (stacks don't mean everything), and still could accept his mistake and say a job well done to us.

Its no secret that me and Rodent have our differences with several notable individuals in Rim however, working with Katamsea, the work we have contributed to winning we were willing to swallow our pride for just awhile longer to keep Rim together.

But you know the thing I was the most amused by? Learning from clitherow, that LoK's desire was to finish rank 1 to try to outrank Rim instead of fighting it. Now that was the biggest laugh I've had. Congratulations on having more internals than Rim. Its really too bad the TW support staff had to be such stupid nimrods and end the world on the 28th instead of allowing us to get that final 10% and make all those internals useless. Thank the mods for saving your rank but know full well who won the war.

See you on the next world of your choosing.


hmmm i don't know really what you talking about ? you serious lol or blind or what :D ?

Top tribes by dominance
Rim 41.8%
LoK 33.7%

lok has lost 23.179 vill since war started and oda we gained is enough to make us win the world

you ppl cant play this game and if u or any member of lok joined real world you will be rimmed in 2 weeks :)
That is the exact point I'm making here as an unbiased observer - the rules suddenly changed to suit the two conditions you state.

We're not here to talk about real worlds we are here to play 'Casual' - which you automatically FAIL at 'Casual' when you send 7k commands each per op. Do you get it?

Peeps joined this world 5 years ago to try this thing called 'Casual', possibly because the regular worlds are so repetitive and boring just cycling through tabs endlessly.

When this world started there was a 120% rule which made this world something different, you had to think ahead like chess... you could find two players near to each other in point range and location and jump to their border - when the first player dropped out of range you could continue eating the second player while still building a sensible cluster. Other players chose to explore a riskier gameplay strategy growing isolated clusters all over the place.

Players who chose the second option had their years of strategy thrown in the bin when the 120% rule was dropped, the majority quit and others played it out with the expected result, dropping back to clusters they could defend.

There was a thing called 'fake limit' meaning players who relied on brute force attacks such as the hackers old Denial of Service ping attacks were limited by troop depletion if they overdid this tactic. This rule was also dropped resulting in a similar loss of quality of gameplay.

People soldiered on throughout the constantly changing rules in what was mistakenly called a 'strategy' game with the end in sight... but suddenly the world was extended a year. A bunch of regular world players joined and spammed their way to the lead when the original players were all well and truly tired of this game.

The winning conditions changed time and time again, it was Dominance based and then it wasn't, it was based on the Top 15 players points and now it isn't. Resulting in months of gameplay strategy getting a bunch of players who kept playing casually into the winning position suddenly thrown to the wind.

Not everybody here wants to play a regular world, that is why they joined Casual. If you want to play like that there are many regular worlds you can join, go play there and stop comparing apples to oranges. Only a fool would gloat that they are the best on a casual world, when its well known the main condition you need to win TW is activity. Only when activity between all players is equal does any other factor come into play.
If they are so good they should go try and be best in the world on one of the many regular worlds instead of repeatedly declaring their self-proclaimed gloating about it here where nobody cares, and I dare say most Casual players rarely even venture.

All you need for activity is spare time and an addictive nature, which is why this game caters to drug addicts, people who live off other peoples wealth (such as their parents' or their spouse's) and people in palliative care who don't have a great deal of options available with their spare time, god bless them.

The playing field on this world has never been even, accounts that came here from a world where they accrued a large number of villages kept their nobleman count, thereby giving an advantage to experienced players over new players, handicapping the innocent rather than the other way around as would be the sporting way to arrange things.

As for the current winning conditions, they only serve to show again that Rim has a hand in the rule creation. LoK is only a year or two old, they have no previous war stats to speak of compared to any tribe that has been here from the start of the world - no matter how crappy they are.

Hats off to LoK they played decent strategies given the constantly changing rules and their player base - most of whom are new players 5 years ago who have been educated to play this game in the meantime, and I can't see why they would be encouraged to stay seeing how Innogames ran this world. TW has done nothing except alienate players on this server, if I ran my business like this I wouldn't have one.

Hats off to Rim, if they get the win they worked their asses off for it, but its not really the way to run a strategy game just changing the rules every time you get beaten.
They came from behind but not quite in time to win at the 4 year mark, they extended the world a year and overtook LoK, and when LoK beat them by playing smart strategy for the pre-existing winning condition of Top Tribe based on Top 15 players points, they changed the rules again a week before the end of the world to put them back in front.

There's nothing so disappointing as sore losers. Get over it, go play a real world instead of gloating here about being so awesome, and leave future Casual worlds to be casual rather than trying to turn casual worlds into a real worlds by bringing TW addicts in to repilot old accounts to the win just for some cheap pp at new players' expense.




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Idk who this nadaventure guy is. Boi wanna reveal your in game name?

The real deal is the winning condition of this world is based on dominance and war stats. Just like how every world regardless of being real or casual.

Lok thought they can internal everyone who are below top 15, those who are in their academy/allied tribes and take the victory. I think not ;)

Well done to everyone in Rim for all the hard work they have done in the last 1 year ever since the 120% rule was lifted.

And as for LoK, no "well done" for you lot cus you guys simply suck. Not just skill wise but also your attitude is disgusting. Trying to win the world by Internalling lol.

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There's nothing so disappointing as sore losers. Get over it, go play a real world instead of gloating here about being so awesome
I can't speak about my other tribe mates but you seriously think I spent all this time just fighting you noobs from Lok? Lol

I have always been playing real worlds. And my last win was W97. I was in casual just to help Kat and Rim.
my condition now

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As in real life there are many ways of winning. Congratulations to Rim for "winning" by the new rules announced to all players in Casual 1 by igm LAST WEEK to be decided by examination of dominance and war stats.

Members of LoK and their allies are celebrating their win too for most of them have been in Casual since 2013 and adapted to many changes along the way. Many started this world with little TW experience and they should be proud of all they have learned along the way. Some came from other worlds and had war stories and success stories to share. Some had played with different rules and all learned the way of the 120% rule, and some learned about churches and pally's and all the early players puzzled over the question of how could it be that the winning condition was for the ONE player (not a tribe) who grew to be the largest would win. Towards the end of 2017 several changes which many have suggested were made including a dominance setting for winning the world at 51% held for a week was announced along with an ending date to be the end of 2017. Strategies were changed, new alliances were forged and some old ones were broken and some accepted the change as being final while others pushed on Innogames to extend the world until dominance could be reached. Imagine if you can playing a world with less than 1% barbarian villages and players in every K from K00 to K99. Old time casual players who found joy in the social aspect had grown fond of the 120% rule and the fake limit requirements but new-to-the-world players fresh from a "real" world were hungry to dominate. They went after players in their geographic area who were small and weak as well as those who didn't like the changes and were ready to leave this world. Some of the new players found old enemies and some good ops brought exchanges of villages to both sides. Several players did the math and found that reaching 51% dominance by the end of 2017 was unlikely and some said impossible to achieve in less than three months time. Some players longed to see the end of the world while others wanted the world to go on forever. Innogrames tried to listen to all sides, ran a survey and compromised by extending the world to the end of 2018 with a 51% dominance requirement to be held for a week OR if dominance was not reached the winner would be declared based of Tribe Rankings.

LoK went back to the math and found that it was still unlikely that dominance would be reached but we would work on doing the best we could. We watched as Rim grew by eating lots of backline players and saw many familar players drastically change their style and times online. As old enemies from other worlds arrived and reached out to poke those they knew from other worlds it became obvious that Rim was growing with new players. We did our best and faced our own challenges along the way inlcuding the loss one of our best players, Tracy Dace (Beerkiller), to bone cancer in April of 2018. He always asked players to put the tribe first above their own account. He had helped many players learn how to build strong accounts with all players expected to have a good mix of offense and defense with differences for geographic position.

In September 2018 I clarified what would happen if dominance was not reached asking support "Does this mean the dominance is determined by the total number of player owned villages while if dominance does not hit 51% that the winner will be determined by the total points of the top 15 players in the tribe (ranked 1st tribe)?

JawJaw"s reply from Sept 22nd 2018 --

By December 22nd 2018 JawJaw changed his mind.

One item of confusion for me is how in three months can two very different conclusions can be reached by the same person as to how this world should end?

Another point of confusion is what other worlds have been determined by dominance % not reached and held for the prescribed requirement along with War Stats? How are War Stats used when players from tribes have formed new tribes with members from previous tribes? Are the War Stats from the previous tribes considered as well? What happens when a player starts with one tribe and part way through the war moves to the other side? Should a World lasting more than 6 years be determined by a single war?

I would be interested in hearing from players in other worlds about how you would feel if On December 22nd the winning conditions were changed in a world you are playing and the world would be set to end on December 28th after the first attack break? I am not expecting to change Innogame's decision for Casual 1 as it is finished but I would hope the Innogames would listen to your responses and maybe put some more reasonable guidelines in place for current and future worlds.

Again congratulations to Rim on your win. Lok and our allies are also celebrating working together as a team and all of our successes along the way.


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Not the best way to end the world...
would be nice if the two top tribes could just continue on casual 6....:D.. starting with 1 village;)...
Happy New Year to all in LOK & RIM!
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We knew the victory would not be gifted to rank 1 tribe just like that. Cus we had already spoken with TW support a long time ago and they said they will review the world and declare winner. Hence we did not bother nobling our tribe mates at the same pace as LoK. If we knew that winner will be declared based on ranking then of course we would have nobled more and maxed out our village points.

This is a war game, so if ya'll thought you could take the easy way out and get victory by nobling tribe members and allies then I guess you were wrong :D.

And @Citles.of.AH, still waiting for my tribemates to betray me. You know when's that gonna happen? Lol

As for the war stats, even if legion still existed, you all would be no where close to rim's war stats. Lok had 10k caps and 25k losses in the war statistics. L0k was even worse.

Idk what or why are you peeps from lok celebrating. You don't even know the basics of "working together". The only time you worked together was when Internalling your own tribemates.

And yes, winner of the world is always determined by the last war of the world. The end game war. Which we won and you lost. No one gives a sh** how many wars you have won in past. Most of them were led by rim and Nuke. Not to mention the 120% rule advantages you had.

All these are enough to prove that rim is the only tribe that deserved victory. This is tribal wars. Not force internal wars.

Maybe next time try not to join a tribe led by a group of clowns with big mouth and no skills. And you possible might have a chance to win a world.

Have a nice life...



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Im a happy free time player with no need to ever win any casual world. Excellent news that there was a winner here. But really... the way the casual worlds now start and benefit big spenders and time investors, it is pretty pointless who wins because the start is always uneven.

It is always the most active ones with the time to play that will win. So good luck to them if they wanna spend that time on a casual world. Who was the best amature golfer in 2018...Hehhehe you'll only know if you go an look it up.

So who won Casual 1. The leading team meeting the rules on the day the world ended. Whatever those rules may have been changed to. Who can be proud of the win. The leading team meeting the rules on the day the world ended. Whatever those rules may have been changed to. Who were the loosers. The ones that though casual was serious and didn't meet the rules on the day the world ended. ...LOL. Who are the real winners. The individuals that had fun playing a casual world regardless of who was the leading team meeting the rules on the day the world ended.:confused:

I just think it sucks that the startout village of any player can eventually be captured. That's a truly silly change on a casual world because who is there in the end to see who won. Why is it so damn important for a winner to be able to ensure there is a looser. Especially in a casual world. Its a silly notion that should be stopped because its not that difficult for a winning tribe to reach dominance without having the need to go out and rape the small boys that are simply there to have fun and make a few flags. If you wanna win... then go and win. Is the value of a win locked up in the true nature of a TW winner. Merge tribes if you have to, join profiles and co play 24/7, back stab you old startout friends and blame your new co-players. Herd them into allied slave tribes and let them help you win knowing they will definately have only the option to loose. Make them bleed and wipe them out. Do that all.. but I think (on a casual world) they should still have their startout villages in the end so they can cheer and applaud the wonderful skills displayed by those amazing 24/7 profiles.:D

There was a whole lot of players at a loss simply because there was no new casual world to migrate to with the inventory items before the world closed. Joining Casual 5 would be silly as it is virtually finished before the attack cap is even touched. The big boys are simply stacking the rim barbs with defences and reserving their future villages...LOL. So can they reach a dominance when the attack cap is removed. Hehhehe the top 10 players alone on Cas 5 can do that. Never mind an active tribe that has a slave tribe below them. :(

Let the good times roll... play casual and stay casual. Please give us a new casual world now that there are so many closed. Go casual 6..:)