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Noble Syndrome

Hi, I would like to play Casual 8 when it comes out and I want to be able to transfer with a decent village so my question is in regards to approximate release time. I have an account on C5 that I have been keeping alive until I can transfer it to another Casual world. The endgame timeline is for transfer to be available from 19.12.2019 at 22:00:00 will C8 be out before this time? If not I will concentrate on building up my village on w109 instead, I've been vocally disappointed on here before of not being able to transfer from C5 so thought I'd see if you guys could give me an indication of when c8 is out so I dont get the same disappointment again. Thank you. :)


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Usually, until the world is actually announced, no release date (not even indications of one) will be given out. I believe it's written down in some guidelines somewhere, I just don't remember where...