Casual map "fix" - PR-players

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I dont know all the words in english but I hope you guys will understand anyway.

This idea is for Casual worlds when PR-ranges are running.
When planning OPS/checking the map for your tribemates it would make it way easier if you somehow could type the enemies points (lets say 100000 points) into the "map" function.
When you done that, all players on the map within the PR between 83333 - 120000(100000 /1.2 *1.2 ) will be shown on the map as attackable and/or in a color of your choice.
And in addition to that you can mark tribes + PR so that only the players in the specific tribe within the PR shows on the map and with a color of your choice. You should also be able to choose if you want the targets in your own PR should be shown as attackable or not on the map while you do this.

Maybe some more functions should be added but thats what I got right now. Let me know what you think! :)

// BonkaD


Tribal Wars Team
Community Management
While I understand your suggestion, and approve it for voting, I have no clue what 'PR' here means....

Good luck!