Cats, Insults, Out Planned -> Splat.

Discussion in 'World 30' started by harlos, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. sorry mate but who's advertising =SK= now???? :)
  2. Ridz 13

    Ridz 13 Guest

    Ooohhh.. erm.... Pretty much everyone? o_O
  3. Rizzler

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    Aug 15, 2007
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    This thread isn't even about =sk=.
    Its about harlos onwing less superior beings.
    Get it right.
  4. bigbadsanta

    bigbadsanta Guest

    You dont care? so much so that your trying to defend your village and begged trycon in the skype conversation not to attack you and let you build the village for him. A skypde convo that you posted.

    Your begging to be =SK='s B**ch and then insult them. Wow your so leet, can i please join you. I want to learn how to beg.

    You never brought the topic up but so far youve not stopped starting posts about =SK= conversations with trycon, or how you defended against some of trycons troops.

    Did raven or nightmare not send you an invite to there tribe, are you a little jealous.

    You know what stop crying about it, they dont want you. so stfu and restart already and stop your whining, because your making the forums boring with all your crying
  5. so this isn't advertising =SK=?????
  6. Rizzler

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    Aug 15, 2007
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    No, it's not.
    Its mentioning a tribe name in order to refer to the leader of that tribe.
    Not advertising anything.
  7. Nudist

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    Jan 15, 2008
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    Sounds like you're =SK='s bitch.
  8. Valpo

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    when i am reading this it sounds to me as if some people think harlos defeated that army all by himself. i admit that this support was coordinated very well. but it haven t been his troops on his own he would have lost to 1 player. theres no mention here about anyone else helping trycon to attack harlos.

    so he underestimated your friends or tribe harlos. and made a big mistake by attacking on that long range and killing of his lc. but by no means would i dare to say harlos > trycon .
  9. strauss

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    Raven again?
  10. Meh, you're probably another Raven alias...

    It does pretty much show he's low on Light Cav though.

  11. so putting AKA raven in the quote isn't at all about =SK=???

    this isn't bragging at all??? i'm so sorry for bringing it up.

    please continue.
  12. B.M.A

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    lol well done harlos, this actuelly made me laugh. just one thing thanks for quoting me first, i feel so special. also just to clarify, my post was not to point any hate towards you, but rather just stating the obvious.
  13. qwe4rty

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    Typically, the word advertising is used to promote a product or service. Not degrade it.

    –verb (used with object)
    1. to announce or praise (a product, service, etc.) in some public medium of communication in order to induce people to buy or use it: to advertise a new brand of toothpaste.

    While you can argue there are definitions that are basically "telling the public about something" and going no further, it's not really how it's used in society today. After all the hype we've been subjected to, it's interesting to see how things roll out.

    A couple of things. Firstly, I really don't care where the troops came from. The fact remains that Trycon played things poorly and put himself into this position.

    After all the "positive" remarks they garner from the "community" (minus are dear friends who were banned :icon_wink:), and after all the clearing reports they decided to post about HAM!!!, it's interesting to see how they take the hit against one of their top accounts.
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  14. Bildic

    Bildic Guest

    Jesus, I really hope you're thinking of joining 32/33.
  15. bigbadsanta

    bigbadsanta Guest

    You know what i will jsut for you.

    What side of the world are you guys starting so i know exaclty where to start.
  16. ok advetising was the wrong word. tyrcon lost some troops big deal. why do we need a thread for this???

    my origonal post pointed out that harlos does care somewhat about this world.

    someone said that he was re-igniting the =SK= talk and he denied it. i'm just making observations that, in my opinion he is re-igniting the =SK= talks. and that wanting to sort out the braggers (not a direct quote) involves caring about it.

    i'm not denying that harlos won the fight or made a serious dent in trycon's forces.

    but when someone has to make snide comments to look good. then they are evidently NOT that good.
  17. Trapkid

    Trapkid Guest

    Dude, you really are just way out there.

    Firstly Harlos Beg? you shoulda gotten the hint there that somethings going on, are you stupid? We aren't playing this world seriously why would any of us "Beg" someone to stop attacking us?

    Second, you question Harlos's dedication to this world. You really think it took alot to get all those troops in Harlos's village? (Sending a single mail with an idea to kill off an army, is barely dedication at all.)

    People who participated, Just did for fun.

    Lastly, your making a post about recruitment. When Harlo's is "Leading" his own tribe. Why the Hell would he want to join =SK=? Which simply brings us back to the point about ####. Being serious about this world. Were NOT, get it through your head.

    This is just another place to have fun, and fine tune our skilled.

    Now if your not smart enough to understand that, Just give up on yourself, your not making it anywhere.

    (Three Mods have posted in Favor of Harlos's Achievement, get over it.)
  18. Rizzler

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    Aug 15, 2007
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    Well harlos' last thread he was flamed and called a noob by noobs.
    And then he coordinated massive support very well in order to defeat an over confident enemy.

    I think he just wanted to leave with a bang to be honest rather than actually care about the world.
  19. qwe4rty

    qwe4rty Guest

    Propaganda? We've seen all the positives regarding =SK=, why not see some of the negatives too? Unless you think the forums should be blank of any type of thread besides "rate the top 20" (which are usually utterly boring, and coincidentally led to all this "hype" about =SK= in the first place), threads like this are good.
  20. Darkorc2323

    Darkorc2323 Guest

    Well, you're right that trycon didn't have any help, but I strongly disagree with your comment that you wouldn't say harlos > trycon. There's more to skill than sheer strength. You need wits, intelligence, and diplomacy.

    Harlos outwitted trycon by lulling him into a sense of security. He wasn't expecting such a large force to be amassed in the village.

    This brings on the second factor, intelligence. Harlos analyzed trycon's attacks and found that 1-6 ST was a blind spot in the attack landings. So he organized our support to land within the time frame so that it would all be ready for an attack.

    Thirdly, Harlos used diplomacy to garner support from his tribemates and his close friends. Without diplomacy none of this would have been possible.

    So, in reality, Harlos is very much > than trycon. Don't focus so much on strength, it will get you nowhere without other factors.

    As for you...

    1. For the last time, none of us give a shit about this world. We SERIOUSLY don't care for the settings at all. If we cared, we wouldn't have players with 50 points, and we certainly wouldn't be ranked 60.

    2. Begging to be SK's b*tch? Harlos was trying to help them. Keep up with me on this train of thought, if you can. Let's say you're a big top notch player like trycon *cough*, and you decide to farm everybody in your vicinity for resources. You continue to do this, milking the fruits of others' resource production, propelling yourself to the top of the ranks. Then, all of a sudden, nobling comes into play and you build yourself an academy and a noble. You search the map for good villages near you, but find none, due to the fact that you farmed them all for resources, so they did not have a chance to build up for you.

    Harlos was trying to explain to trycon that he shouldn't ridiculously farm his area. By farming Harlos and others around them, he prevented their growth and hindered his future nobling prospects. It would be smarter to choose villages that you deem a non-threat and leave those be, villages like Harlos' village for example, since it was known that he wasn't serious about w30. If that's being somebody's b*itch, then ok. But it really isn't.

    3. This one is too funny. Harlos wanted to join SK? L O L. Seems like you're the one who is somewhat bitter over not being let into ####.

    Of course, I expect nothing less from somebody like you. Here is a testament to your credibility in the world.

    Your stupidity is palpable.