Cats vs. Dogs


Just remembered my Dog That died earlier today. How stupid of me to put up a Rat poison on the Floor which he ate. :( I cried while he was lying into the sun Cant move I waited for like 7 hours until he finally died buried him at the back of our house.

Wooof. :( R.I.P ---->>> Oruk


to hell with cats. they give me hayfever

this is Charlie


There are three cats and two dogs at the place I live..... Two of the three cats like to sleep on top of me when I go to bed. They wait for me to lie down every night.


omg they are so cute! are they yours? Labradors are my favorite dogs. There was always one in my family until I move out a while ago, I cant accommodate a dog in my new place just yet :'( My Mother has a 1 year old black Labrador now called Odin, he's adorable.

Yes I am aware I sound like a love struck young girl but if I have a weak spot it is Labradors ^_^

Zara...or The Flapsy, as I always call her...belongs to an Ex.... This is her when preggers; 2008, with my own Dog Brick(y) RIP....he lived life fast & loose & roamed, getting caught between 2 cars 2009...not wiped, he remained intact but very dead....I at least knew where he was thereafter: 3.5' under a veg-plot & that's The Flapsy checking the boundries....I spend time with her & the owner sometimes...currently moulting like a fiend...she, not he i.e. :lol: I think 'Labs are hard to beat but interestingly, a vet told me one of the worst bites he ever got was from that breed...they're fluffy as hell until they go territorial-protective, which is exactly what I'd want in a dog myself, if I can ever contemplate another one, post-Brick(y) :icon_wink: