Cease and Desist (-VS- vs VS)


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Date: April 30th 2019

Re: Trademark Infringement - Cease and Desist

Dear VS,

It has come to our attention that you are making un authorised use of the trademark Victorious Secrets by: “fraudulently using our trademark for a sub par tribe”.

Under federal registration laws, Hugh Hefner is the owner of the trademark Victorious Secrets currently with the United States patent and trademark office under the following registration number: 420. Therefore, Hugh Hefner has the rights, including but not limited to, restrict, prevent or limit the use of the trademark in order to protect it against misrepresentation.

We hear-by demand that you immediately cease and desist in any additional use of our trademark that will likely cause misrepresentation in relation with distribution, advertising, identification and sales of our product of services.

If you fail to comply with the aforementioned demand(s) by May 3rd, 2019 we will have no choice but to pursue all noble causes of action, including the taking of your villages to protect our interests. We remind you that this letter serves as a pre noble notice for a repossession of your villages and failing to correct will likely make you liable for any broken hearts your players may suffer as a result of your infringement(s).

It is in your best interests to handle this amicably by disbanding the tribe to avoid further legal remedies as provided by State and Federal laws.


Hugh Hefner


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Enjoyed your war declaration, brings a hint of humour instead of all the toxicity thats been lately o_O


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I am not in these war statistics but here is some stats:

Also, this one is hilarious, the only readable part is the one copied from google:


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lol woulda been hilarious if we let the fake VS declare first ...boy itll take ages to understand their declaration

*digs up bots from the darkest corners of the internet but fails to find a decent spellcheck or grammar tool * :p


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Are we playing on TribalGrammar.net?

If youre gonna come up with insults you could at least make them relevant to the game bois