Cease and Desist (-VS- vs VS)


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"who is the god himself of tw according to himself"
Why does my gender matter so much to you? Can you not stand it getting owned by a girl? Secondly, why put 2x himself into one sentence? Thirdly, when did I ever say that I am the GODDESS of TW?
Show me. But tbh there is no need to proove that I am better than you. Who isn't?

Good lord you are such a little pathetic being. I didnt lose a single nuke in my backline since forever because you losers fail to even do ANYTHING. This right here was a recap that Dogol timed a nuke after my nobles. only reason why i lost some troops there is because the first noble already capped instead of the second one.

Your OP on macbeth will fail, because you are little annyoing failures, that can't even type proper english,. Barb eating losers that fail to noble players, Losers, that don't know where to grow out now from the core. Losers, that lick UNI's ass because otherwise you guys would have been rimmed already by them.

I will so frickin rim your ass out of existense in this world. You are pathetic Jorgy nothing else. All you can do is trashtalking others, I have not seen one single productive non toxic post from you here yet.
You are just a mad kid trying to win a world in tribalwars.

and if you wanna brag about awesome nuke reports from killing some backline nukes, I am sure -VS- has way more than you guys. I have seen these reports. I talk to them on discord each day.

Also: feel free to share this report with your tribe. Greetings to starlight who will splat his bloody ass on my walls that dont even get scratched by his pathetic nukes

3rd nuke that hit there already, doesn't even scratch my wall

I Will just love to see how much you Will rage when we kick your ass all the way back to travian :D


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Why do you even talk still on these forums? Aren't you rimmed yet?

I guess u are still on the waiting list until pinky benk comes for your booty *mhmmmm internal me daddy*
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Do you feel good when you talk like that? You havent even tried to rim me even after all that shit talk


I guess u are still on the waiting list until pinky benk comes for your booty *mhmmmm internal me daddy*
Talking like you and the rest of the B-team didnt internal 95% of members in DRW, hypocrisy is a nice thing


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Uni gonna spank Porksword's butt so badly, they will send him back to a world that Porksword has never played before. I like that one, Jorgy.


No you dont need to try, you can sit and wait for UNI to come spank your butt back to w104, then you can move to that forum and act tough, ay lmao
Why 104

You can instruct them to do it in 106