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Championship of the Horse Lords

Lords and Ladies! Welcome to the Championship of the Horse Lords!
In this spectaculum of skill and merit, the finest equestrians from all of Kaltenberg have gathered to show you what they are capable of! Does your horse make it around the circus before the opponent or do you get defeated in trying? Let us find out in this incredible Championship!


The Championship of the Horse Lords is a team-based event - you will fight for victory in a spectacular horse race, to not only defend your honour but to defeat the enemy team and to collect valuable prizes.
When the event starts, keep your team's horse fit by feeding it - and support your jockey by cheering them on!

As long as you have food available, you can choose between four different cheers, which will result in different outcomes.
Some are safe but steady, others are risky, but can give you a huge amount of distance if successful! You can see the chance of success with every cheer. Choose wisely and bring your team to victory in the Champions of the Horse Lords!

Since the event last ran, there have been some tweaking going on to conquer the exploitation that occurred last time. Just like the Crafting event, the cost of refilling your energy is now multiplied by the number of times you have bought a refill. This ensures that there is no major advantage to someone spending a lot of Premium Points with this event anymore.

Good Luck!


The event will start around 2 PM on the 25th of January and will end at the same time on the 30th.
The event will not be active on Classic and Tournament.

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