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Dear Community,

Today we would like to inform you about an important change for world 104 and the Premium Exchange. As you know the Premium Exchange allows you to trade your resources for Premium Points. While it was always our intent for this feature to allow you to gain Premium Points for free the recent months showed that a small but significant amount of players misuses the system to farm free resources with scripts and bots on a huge scale. While this has been an issue in the past we noticed massive waves of automated registrations in the recent months which seriously impacted the worlds and world balancing negatively.

One big issue we saw on recent worlds are big clusters of barbarian villages or large empty clusters which are caused by us finding and removing those accounts and villages.

Additionally these scripts often empty the Premium Exchange to try to sell the bought resources again for a higher price and at times making the exchange unusable for players by controlling the amount and costs of available offers.

While we undertook several steps to fight these accounts we have come to the conclusion that to solve the problem we need to change how the Premium Exchange works. Therefore, from world 104 onward (this does not apply for already existing worlds) we are implementing a change that will make all Premium Points gained via the Exchange bound to the account (non-transferable). We do understand that this is negatively impacting all of you, which is why we held off on it until we reached the conclusion that it is the only feasible solution to the problem. But after careful consideration, we have come to the conclusion that this is the only way to ensure that this kind of behavior does not negatively impact the game anymore. We would also like to take the chance to thank all of you who contacted us about these issues in the recent weeks, allowing us to better judge the impact this issue has on your enjoyment of the game.

We hope you understand our reasoning and we are very much looking forward to your feedback or any questions you might have.

Thank you!

The Tribal Wars Team
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