Chronicles of a Team Tournament 2012

Adrian D.

Greetings everyone

As the epic Speed Champion of 2011, I believe it is my duty to congratulate the epic Speed Team Championship winners of 2012:
.NET tribe.
James (Jobson1984)
, Ramesh1980, Ramirez1394 and, best player of this championship - my brother, Double D.

Special thanks to our brothers in arms, FMJ - especially brensons, the king-007 and topsy8888.

Now, there is a slight chance that some people won't understand why I am already congratulating them if there is one more round to be played. These players are welcome to open the spoilerish thingy below and read the details.

[spoil]The previous round was marked as "Round 11 of the Tournament".
Yet when we take a look on the rankings, only 10 tournament rounds are shown there.
Based on these 10 rounds, the standings are as follows:

.NET - 54

WTF? - 49
FMJ - 32

However, one can easily notice that there is no record of round 1689:

If we take it into account, the current standings are as follows:

.NET - 64
WTF? - 49
FMJ - 39

Therefore, there is no way WTF? can win this championship anymore.


As for some general statistics - I have to say that this Championship was the best I've seen so far. I can say that, except for the round that did not update, everything was simply... PERFECT. The point system, the tribe registration, the fact that only the chosen players could make a certain tribe and, most important - the round settings, they were all quite well organized.
And, for the record, it's been a while since I have seen so much activity on the .net server

I bet there had to be about 100 registered tribes, to say the least.

P.S. I will come back a bit later with fun stuff from our enemy skype team chat, stuff they said about us and not only

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Thanks you Adrian and thanks everybody who played
Also I must say thanks my team, without them we wouldnt be 3th.

~Brensons, aka
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Congratz to you guys (clap)

But I'd say congratz to WTF? for still coming second despite the number of people bashing you guys. ;)
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The better team still won. Congratulations .NET. Well earnt prize :)


Milad Enters

Really? I didn't know the point system was not correct(and I had cleared my schedule for tomorrows round :( ) .in that case Congratulations! been an excellent tournament and I personally enjoyed playing it

a thanks to Lisa for the awesome tournament as well. almost everything was perfect and we couldn't have asked for a better tournament and round settings :)


Congratulations to .NET for a convincing finish to the tournament, and many thanks to lisa for setting up this tournament (And it only went wrong twice! xD)



+ Many thanks Lisa, couldn't have asked for a better tournament/mod <3



I'd like to congratulate WTF? tribe, for putting a good fight, and their captain, *Vendetta.. for organising a well-prepared team, they really deserve rank 2, too bad their rewards are only 100 PP.
Well done :)
Also, let's not forget about Lisa (♥), for making this awesome tournament, almost flawless. Hopeful, we will see new tournaments next year too

Have fun and good luck on future rounds.

Adrian D.

Next year be here noob, so you can congratulate the next, 2013 champion (me).


Congratz to you guys (clap)

But I'd say congratz to WTF? for still coming second despite the number of bashers y'all had. ;)
Even in last round they are enough like they got 5 members in tribe and gozzo,exla186, drluke18 are from outside :p


Oh, my mistake I wrote it wrong, I ment you guys had a fudge ton of people working for you.


Contributing Poster
Really glad you enjoyed it. Was even fun to watch, was quite a tense tournament. I'll save my congrats till later cos I'm pedantic lol

.. and Allyboo created/coded the new
tournament thingies, cos she's awesome.<3


First i like thank to D.. brothers not because of that they are great players but because of they were dedicated and also encouraging , and always boosting our morals.
secondly i like to thank Lisa for this awsm tournament but if there was any catt and bash round was there will be extreme .
Third : James, how you can be allways great !
Fourth : i apologize to mr. Rilete. to arguing as he do not like to an understandable person, he got fold on his eyes!
Fifth: i am little disappointed of wtf? did not shown enough dedication.
sixes : Abel you could be more focused even you really did good enough!
seventh : We all are happy!
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As this tournament now comes to a close
Thank you for everyone who took part.
Adrian has already pipped me to the post congratualting the winners :p

However here is the final top 3 leaderboard:


Congratualtions to .NET for being the 2012 Summer Tournament Winners!

Double D.

Are the members who receive prizes.

Well done also to WTF? for providing some great competition coming in second.


Are the members who receive prizes.

Great turn out of tribes, well done to all!
Hope you enjoyed playing :)


I hate to say it but it was too easy :) Maybe even easier than the .uk tournament!

Oi wheres my forum title?


For my amazing team, which I love xD I learnt.... :L (exaggerated ofc)

Milad is terrible, and will never be able to do anything when you rely on him; Adam never turns up, especially when you need him, Naji is the most pessimistic person ever and quits at the 1st sign of trouble and Will is stupidly optimistic, past the point of ignorance. saying "it's fine" when the whole tribe has no O or D :L

And I'm amazing and flawless.

Great tournament, great fun, and don't be confused, I am very proud of my team for managing the performance and wins we did. xD

Also a specific congratulations to the .D brothers, who took the tournament by hand and did what was needed to win.
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WTF! Team:

Sam - Constantly told us when he goes Def, he never loses, yet we never won :3

Milad - Cant snipe, cant dodge, cant backtime, then quits within first hour (think)

Naji - He's like the robot from hitch hikers guide to the galaxy, glass half empty mind set

Will - I cant think of anything bad to say about Will :O

Me - Well i turned up to under half of the rounds so really my above opinions count for nothing :L


Garp! Having been forced to give an entire summary of the team. I will proceed with a little roasting :$

Milad: Whoever said he was good, was drunk, trolling and .... And...... I guess trollling really, that's it. If the tournament proved anything, it is that Milad is by far the most incompetent, not even inconsistent (given he played no rounds well) player to have ever been acclaimed as a "good player". Indeed, his whole ego supported by the numerous skype quotes of brainwashed naive beings accrediting him for numerous achievements and humbling before him..It's just comical. I now will have to hide, otherwise he'll force me to give him a 10/10 in the Rate the player thread :icon_redface:

Before tournament : Assumed (key word, given nothing was proven beyond hugging, a start with no balance, where he has 2k LC before anyone has 1..I SWEAR I'M NOT LYING!!! :icon_rolleyes:) to be a good player
Post tournament : Proven to be a bad one.. Has no legs to stand on. D + LC is not a good strategy. Learn that.
Favorite moment : TRAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN !!! Or perhaps one of his 3,000,000 excuses as to why he got rimmed..Again. Actually him trying to backstab Sam and getting rimmed.. That was enjoyable.. Very much so

Naji: I could summarize Naji's generally bleak outlook in a series of skype quotes, indeed his input to a chat is such..
*insert swear word*
*swear word x 3/4*
3 minutes elapses
I was ***** Nobled because of you ***** noobs, oh my ***** God!

If there's one thing we know about him, he sure as hell doesn't like 1 line of text. As well as this general hatred of all things happy and optimistic, Naji has developed an accute form of Stockholm syndrome, mimicking everything from the drunken stupor to the typing style of Sam. It's ok, Naji will now proceed in 1) Blocking me on skype for this, 2) Begin a stupidly flawed argument with completely unrelated analogies. Try keeping a cool head Naji, not every scout attack requires tribal D xD

Before tournament : Never really viewed Naji as much for a tactician, decent starter and assumed good under pressure.
Post tournament : Proved he can't play the tactical side of the game, but can start well. Generally impressed. Not good under pressure though, actually it's just hilarious.
Favorite moment : Definitely not his typing, nor his whining. Probably stealing his claims (Sorry man!)

Adam: Mr evasive. Who? What? Where? Why? When? No one can know Adam! If he has not passed out, he's doodling on UK or raging at Milad. When the Beiber boy played he was an asset....WHEN HE PLAYED. Erm... Need to fill space about an oblivious player......Oh and of course, Let's put him in the twighlight scenario, Matt being Jacob, KingSam being Edward, and little Adamkins being Bella (who is secretly having a fling with director Dylan).

Before tournament: Assumed he was a lazy, SLAPite nub.
Post tournament: Completely re-vamped opinion, he's only 2 of those things :$. Genuinely funny guy.
Favorite moment: His flip out on Milad was one to remember.

KingSam: Egotistical drunkard, who apparently thought he could try his hand at leading. When Sam wasn't abusing Milad or doing one of his wide range of smileys ( :/ :? :^) :x :| :3 (dull) (facepalm) he was being...Well more of a p***s. The DIY man yourself, his autocratic utopia in the skype chat was his primary objective, his secondary being the rounds. Actually one of the few players who could play D effectively (because he had lost his O being backtimed by some 500 point player is the norm). He has a knack for waking up 30 minutes late and then complaining about leadership issues. A through and through hypocrite, but my God what fun we had.

Before tournament: Assumed to be the 2nd best Speed player.
Post tournament: Best player by a long way.
Favorite moment: The ridiculously long list of nubs who have rimmed Sam.. I'm serious. The King, Nunners etc,. :D

Happy roasting ^^

Top 5 players of tourney

1: Sam
2: Adam <3 (or mebe me :$)
3: Dorin
4: Adrian
5: Naji

Last: Milad!

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