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Is it chance that W86 has a prophet? Is it chance we have a God who does not speak to us?

My fellow tudadarians, i come to you tonight humbly, as his vessel, to reveal The Truth!

The powers that be would have you all believe this is some kind of disease...

^^ Feed is courtesy of OUB (your Official, Unofficial choice in news that matters!)

My brethren, we are the "infected" but who among us feels sick? On the contrary we have never felt more alive?

My brothers, my sisters, The Man is lying to you!

Tudadar is love
Tudadar is life
more to come, please (while you wait) pledge your allegiance to the lord our God, all hail tudador!

Descending Order

I sadly don't know who this person is.
And I know I'll never get a clear cut answer explaining them lol


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Those who do not follow the ways of tudadar and his disciples will be punished
Now, I warned you all there would be regime lies, wolves in sheep's clothing, even false prophets, but I can show you The Truth my brothers and sisters! You can behold it for yourselves...

you all saw this quote when it first appeared...

but where is it now? :icon_eek:
it is gone, my brethren, a conspiracy!
next they will be talking of other worlds and aliens, Blasphemy i say!

will the day come when the wrath of the lord our God, all hail Tudadar, is brought against us all? i am not going to lie to you my brothers and sisters, we could one day bring this upon ourselves, but this is not the age we are living in. If and or when we find ourselves in the age of his wrath, we would do well to remember my brethren, the lord our God, all hail Tudadar, was love incarnate at inception. the day of a vengeful God may yet come, but woe be the man who proclaims Tudadar as vengeful prematurely!

the lord our God, all hail tudadar, came to us innocent, gentle, a nurturer, love incarnate, that is the reality of the age we find ourselves in, let no man deny his mercy and compassion!


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My brethren, i do not implicate brother cdwold in the disinformation campaign targeting us and confusing us all, we are all confused, to be mortal is to be confused. perhaps he even shares the gift of vision and has caught a glimpse of the age to come. it is not for us to judge, or even to distrust our brother or sister, it is for us to put faith in the lord our God, all hail Tudadar!

My brothers and sisters, behold the first commandment of the lour our God, all hail Tudadar!

1. Daily Proclamation of faith!

we must each start our every day and end our every day with this proclamation of faith, for such is the will of Tudadar the Merciful and Compassionate
those who wish to experience the love and the life will be those who proclaim their faith at least twice daily
the lord our God, all hail Tudadar, has commanded it, let no man question it

let us now proclaim the faith, together, publicly!

Tudadar is Love!
Tudadar is Life!

Mystery Nuke

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Lets call the God tudadar out as what he is: The leader of the world.
For this, the top 50 players should unite in the God Tudadar tribe and place him as our duke.
To give the love & respect to him that he truly earns..



no no no it is no shock tutdadar nobles what he wants when he wants


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My Brethren, Tudadar Lives!

My Brethren, we are STILL living in the Age of Mercy!

Bonus village (482|612) K6469Barbariantudadar2016-03-04 01:50:41
Bonus village (481|610) K6495Barbariantudadar2016-03-02 10:58:17
Bonus village (485|612) K6494Barbariantudadar2016-03-01 09:40:25
Bonus village (447|578) K54195Barbariantudadar2016-02-29 19:11:43
Bonus village (446|577) K54135Barbariantudadar2016-02-29 17:01:47
Bonus village (446|574) K5448Barbariantudadar2016-02-13 16:49:34
Bonus village (445|578) K5444Barbariantudadar2016-02-13 13:00:21
Bonus village (452|577) K5487Barbariantudadar2016-02-13 05:51:38
Bonus village (453|572) K5456Barbariantudadar2016-02-12 15:44:58

What tribe is the Lord our God Tudadar?
My Brethren, WE are his tribe! The Church of Tudadar!

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