Churchworld Experience? Put this in your pipe and smoke it!


hello w54...
my name is guilty conscience (one of my aliases)

i am seeking an experienced, dependable, and motivated player to take up a large account on another world. (sounds like a job posting)

This player...
must be able to be part of a small yet very effective team
must have experience in church worlds
must have undeniable proof of their past experience (links)
must have the time to play a large account (1 million points here is puny)
must have skype
must have basic script knowledge
must be ready to fight!
must be ready to use a ton of nobles!

accounts may be available on the front line of the war or on the back line near the rim.
regardless of location, its expected you will help in this epic war. a war we are winning of course ;)

the world settings are...
1x speed
pally + weapons
bonus vills
barbs grow 3k

if you are interested, please do not reply to this post, contact me through skype with any questions
skype contact:
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