Clear Barbarian Walls


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I typically send 3lc/1sc for farming which helps maximize farming but is also a pain when barbarian villages get their walls back up. Since I send such a small amount of troops, having any wall will result in some losses.

Here's a script I made to help the process of clearing those walls:

This script requires Loot Assistant and scout reports on the barbarian villages to see the wall level.

1. Open Loot Assistant
2. Run the script

The script will go through every barb villa in the Loot Assistant page and check if they have a wall level > 0. For each of those villas, it will open a new rally point tab targeting that villa from your currently selected villa.

3. Tab through each rally point and click a troop template to fill in your troops to clear those walls (I use 10LC, 5 ram, 1 scout, clears at most wall 2)
4. Tab through again and click "Attack"
5. Tab through one more time and hit the space button to send your attacks.

Seems a bit tedious but it cuts out the more annoying parts. Without this script, steps 1 and 2 would be:
1. Open loot assistant
2. Find each barb with a wall > 0
3. Open the latest loot report for each barb in a new tab
4. Tab through those reports, scroll to the bottom, click "Attack this vilage"
5. Tab through the rally points you just opened, switch to the villa you have that has rams available
6. (Start from step 3. above)

This script cuts out over 60% of the time it used to take me to clear barb walls in my area.


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Is there any way you could adjust this script to ignore reports which are further than x fields away from the origin village?