Clear! Sure did rock


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We really did rock as a team. They may as well close all the other worlds, no tribe will ever come. Lose to the unity and pure fun of Clear!


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so much could be said here

clear! were great how they held together

but i think it was also quite weak how they went about their business and ultimately winning the world

there wasnt alot of people who wanted the challenge of opposing clear!

what strikes me is those clowns who were still playing double agent until the end of days

i had two separate informants in clear! and to my knowledge they both won the world in clear! :D

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LOL @ paolo - you STILL trolling?!?!?! :-D

Yeah anom, we had some fun times and Clear! was a fantastic tribe to play in. Certainly the best I'll ever be a member of.

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Everyone miss's me. I know it, you know it. Wonder if I still have points here?
Pretty sure the Mods breathed a sigh of relief when this world ended, Billy. You not participating cut their workload by about 33%.


Thought I'd log on here for a little look and to my surprise a thread on w26 anyway biscuit was the bet tribe by far you all know it I would be like Romania small but always win medals ;) anyhow my trolling days are kind of over my days of blowing shit up have begun, Soo what's everyone upto ?