Clear! v Nomad War Stats


Mike when arturus said he had rimmed more accounts than you have ever seen, you should has responded 'yes, you were the one playing them'

Ahhh golden opportunity missed :p


haha yeah probably should have he still doesn't reply to my questions so it's obvious he has no clue what he is on about.


I've deleted the pointless spam, its nice to see this world active. I am trying to be nice because these are dead forums, but no one whats to know about your butt problems.

Thank you!

Captain Turtle

Well I'm back after a weeks vacation thanks to the all powerful mods.


Though I did notice that with the appearance of our new mod and my unexpected vacation that the W26 forums have died yet again. Way to go super mods now stay out while we the actual posters try to liven up the forums.

Captain Turtle

lol, you didnt learn your lesson then
Wait there was a lesson to be learned?
oooh wait the lesson was to not make the mods cry.
I spose it could be that it's unfair to try and chop off mikes fingers with a butter knife.