Clear's history


Hey guys,

I'm the original Bounch, that left shortly after the Clear vs H war a while ago and also the author of the clear history thread that was published by Booza. I would like to ask if some kind person is able to finish the history of clear account that I wrote, following a siimlar writing style and layout. Clear is a tribe that is full of history and I'm sure im not the only person that wants to look back at all the things its accomplished.

Much love,

Original thread:


and the award for the most random post ever, goes to bounch

got to ask though, why after over a year do u see this as a necessary thing to fulfilll?

are you looking for a job and need to bulk up your c.v.?

im sure fruitfillledevil and anom would give u a glowing reference


I never knew the original bounch really, just the bounch who was khares friend that took over the account.


Don't worry Grant, I won't let the history go unwritten.