Co needed 2300-0600


Co needed 2300-0500

Hi guys,

The Life account needs a 3rd player for 2300-0500, but these are no hard times and can be discussed.

The two players on this account like to discuss most and when someone else is around we expect you to discuss and argue with the other, however when nobody is around which will most likely be the case for these times, feel free to do what you want.

We are not looking for an active farmer, a talker or whatever. We're looking for a 3rd player, equal to ourselves and able to fill in with everything an account needs.

We ourselves are some oldies from .nl and .cn (when it still existed) and although we can't prove current experience, we've shown to pick up the game real fast again, however we can still learn so very experienced players willing to teach are also welcome :D

Skype me for more info, extreme.ways2


Edit: Screwed up the times in title 2300-0500 are the correct times but they're open to discuss anyway.
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