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I am looking to co-play someone in either of the Royal or the NAM tribe.

I started and finished W33 with the baseball2009star account.

Things I'd appreciate.

Relatively organized account
Not a top player, probably someone in the 10-50 world rankings
I welcome frontline,
Will need an active player, I do plan on being active, but I won't take an account on by myself.
You know how it is, I don't want to inherit a mess.
If you can identify yourself as a leader of either of those tribes and you have an idea of somewhere you could find room for me or you are directly interested let me know.
I'd really appreciate someone who is efficient with their time.
Also, capitalized village names and groups is almost a must, kinda prefer a professional looking account.
Also, please be good with the english language

I have experienced, I will be active, I won't change your system but I want a system.


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Capitalized village names? lol. Ugh. "professional looking account" -_- many things wrong with that statement. That statement is highly dependent upon your definition of a good account. Also, there is no such thing as a "professional" TW player (or account).

I think you should add "must be willing to waste a ton of nobles self-capping" to that list. I looked at your w33 stats. You self-nobled 277 times. :D


May be worth contacting the leaders of the tribes directly.