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Hi guys and girls I am looking for a coplayer, preferably a veteran that has played for min 4 years, that can cover from 07-12st. My co and I are currently in the top 50 of the world in players, farming, and OD. We are looking for a coplayer that has the following attributes/skills:

farming hard/efficient
sniping: cancel, barb bounce, regular snipe
fake trains: 100ms gap
anti-snipe in between nobles
time nukes to land 200ms or less before first noble
able to time support to land 200ms after the last noble

Please mail me in game on 89, "Molly Water"

Deleted User - 10017355

Do you realise you can be banned for multi-accounting if you are logging into the Molly Water account and whichever other account you are playing in the top 50?


Its under shared connection. I will not be banned.