Co player on 67


i am not sure if anyone at all reads this forum any longer, i do, i like the memories :)

my first serious world, member of IALONE, wont ever forget it.

Thing is, many many legends was created on w13, and i know some of them, and some id like to know more.

I am in need of co players on w67, us time zone, and aussie time zone, gmt+1 is welcome to come aswell.

If anyone is interested, throw me a pm or answer here.


On the same token and sorry for hijacking your thread, I too am after a co-player for the w65 world. This is a no hauls world and my account is frontline.

Would love someone stateside or Oz who was on w13 (of course who I knew) who would be able to take some of the restrictions I have in RL at the minute.

Hope you are all good...miss w13 and wished it didnt end but all good things must come to an end!!!