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Heldias shortblader

250k account with great views of the southern rim, friendly staff and ideal location for trips to anywhere in the SE.

Ideally looking for players who can be online between 0500 and 1700 (times not set in stone)

Need to be able to do all the basics. Sense of humour and good English required.

Contact via PM


If those times are not in stone. I could be a potential candidate but I'm sure there are better players out there then me. Thought I would let you know that I am interested.


Rank: 7.
Name: mrfubar1147
Tribe: ???
Points: 19,308,068
Villages: 1,901
Average points per village: 10,157
Tribe Changes: 11
Conquers: 2289 (+2164-125)
Join date: 20th December 2011
Best Rank: 5
15th July 2013
Most Points: 19,324,434
27th August 2013
Most Villages: 1,900
27th August 2013
OD Rank: 21.
(284,525,432 score)
OD Attack Rank: 7.
(217,877,034 score)
OD Defense Rank: 35.
(66,648,398 score)


ye but fubs as we all know your on loosing side lol

hell be loosing ranks pretty quick if he was frontline



FUBS is a good player irrespective of tribe he belongs to in w60

May be not best in the world but still a good player.


First I would still coplay with you. I don't hate anyone on SPAM. Just a game. Second. Have you not seen my front with SPAM? you must have not even took 10 seconds to look at my account.

1st in war stats.

top 10 ODA

and I have lost and not been able to recap less than a dozen villages in 2 years.