Co Player Wanted


I am looking for a person to Co Play with me. I already have an account and am in an excellent tribe.

Private Message me for the Play times and any questions.

It would be beneficial if the person also used the TW APP on their smartphone for emergencies.
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Would like to co play an account with pp.
Rank: 7.
Name: mrfubar1147
Tribe: ???
Points: 19,580,460
Villages: 1,931
Average points per village: 10,140
Tribe Changes: 11
Conquers: 2333 (+2202-131)
Join date: 20th December 2011
Best Rank: 5
15th July 2013
Most Points: 19,555,969
05th September 2013
Most Villages: 1,927
05th September 2013
OD Rank: 21.
(295,028,877 score)
OD Attack Rank: 8.
(217,960,348 score)
OD Defense Rank: 31.
(77,068,529 score

skype: mrfubar1147