Co-player wanted


Hello, I am looking for a co-player or even a team.

If you are from the America's or Far East Asia and would like to co-play an account in the top 500 (but growing) on the rim then please contact me on skype:


Or you can mail me in game:


You must have experience you will need to farm. I have FA and some PA left

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Would like to co play an account with pp.
Rank: 7.
Name: mrfubar1147
Tribe: ???
Points: 19,580,460
Villages: 1,931
Average points per village: 10,140
Tribe Changes: 11
Conquers: 2333 (+2202-131)
Join date: 20th December 2011
Best Rank: 5
15th July 2013
Most Points: 19,555,969
05th September 2013
Most Villages: 1,927
05th September 2013
OD Rank: 21.
(295,028,877 score)
OD Attack Rank: 8.
(217,960,348 score)
OD Defense Rank: 31.
(77,068,529 score

skype: mrfubar1147