COD Black Ops

Pam Nam

Lol i doubt you have 7.95 k/d ;p

gimme your gamer tag :p
Ruben he is obviously talking crap, 7.95 KD with 11,000 kills? That would only mean around 1300 Deaths.

I was thinking about whoever said 1.58 was 'average' last night, technically a KD of exactly 1.00 would be average right? Because if you think about it for every kill in the game there HAS to be a death. Making the overall amount of kills and deaths the same. So yeah technically anything above 1.00 is above average, but I guess you might have been speaking figuratively.
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On a different note: I saw the people in your sig a week ago Isloaman guy.


Just watch the movie The Blues Brothers, thats who I think of every time I see Islo's siggy.

The Great 1One1

So we put up reach when it came out, but what is everyone's feelings about Black Ops.

Overall I like it. There are a few things they need to fix as far as joining matches with a party of 6 and the fact that I can't quick snipe anymore. But everything else is working well for me. If anyone is playing it add me to your list. Gamertag for XBOX is ucntcme22
I didn't really like it so much. The only thing I enjoyed about it was the zombie mission, although it did become a little bit repetitive.

King Muffin

dude mark that was siiick XD any of that gameplay you?? :O