Colation or Shadow


If there is any inactive account on either side I would like to play it,
it seems Like a fun war, If I was on Shadows side I would try to increase there domination, If I was in the colation I would try to organise an op or 2, and try to take a village myself, since there seems to be so little nobeling off shadow I think it would be a major achievement :icon_smile:
But either way it would be a fun experience and either side would get a fighter in the place were they just had a weakness,
There are some who will think I'm trying to spy for one side or the other, I won't spy, Of this you have my word (although you probably don't trust it), I just would like to be in on all the fun, since thats what he game is for,


Sure you can have my account!

Not on your life. You wish...


highlight it..(stampehs post)
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I never really did expect to get it,
I had another different offer though, which I'm more inclined to feel is real,


I can't tell if this thread is a joke or just stupidity.


I'd like a W27 account too
I would but...
anyone wanna offer it to me?
I don't have the time
I promise I'll play it well :)
and if you are continuing to read this
Seriously, I will
you really have too much time on your hands
trust me