Command sharing

servius prime

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How does command sharing works?

I mean what can we see share we share commands and when others share their commands with us....Can we see farm run, or troop building or incoming attacks and support only or something else...Thanks in advance


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When you command share with someone, they can see all of your "troop commands" ie attacks and support that you have sent. So yes you would be able to see someone's farm runs with command sharing. You do not see troops building or incomings with command share, as troop buildings is not a command, and incomings are from other people, not the person who is command sharing, so you also can't see those, unless they are from someone else who is command sharing with you. It is common practice for good tribes to command share with everyone inside their own tribe so as to better coordinate attacking. Command sharing also makes defending a lot easier as you can see how much support tribunates have sent you if they are sharing their commands.