Community Thinktank


Tribal Wars Team
Community Management
Dear players,

As you know, your feedback matters to us. As many of you have been with us for a very long time, your understanding of the game, its mechanics, balancing and tactics is extremely important.

We depend on player feedback to improve the game and we require your input in order to make important decisions in regards to its development and further growth.

For this reason, we have decided to try a new concept of feedback gathering - A Community Thinktank.

The community thinktank will, on regular occasions and limited in time, present discussion topics to our more experienced and knowledgeable users. These topics will be pre-defined and will be talking about certain features features we desire your feedback on.

The rules

Obviously, certain rules will apply. Next to the general forum and game rules, we will have a high standard of posting in this section. We will not tolerate insulting or unconstructive posts. We require each post to be of high quality, comprehensible and constructive to the topic. Posts that do not make sense will be removed and your account might be excluded from further participation in this section.

Who can participate

As we want to avoid non-sensical posts, as sadly sometimes occurs, the discussions are open to read for everyone but posting itself is limited to our more established users.
You will therefore need to meet one of the following requirements:
  • Have > 100 posts
  • Have > 50 likes
  • Be registered > 60 days

Please come join the discussions and let us know how to improve the game!

Make sure to reach out to our Thinkytanker @Mintyfresh for your suggestions and/or questions concerning the Thinktank.

Kind regards,
Your Tribal Wars International Community Management